Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh. My. Freakin'. Word. Alternately Titled: Excuse Me While My Brain Bleeds

Don't ever go here.

Or at least, don't go to the one that I just took my precious ones too.


We tried out a trial art class for Amelie as we are trying to determine which "experience gift" we want to be gifted by the gifting Grandparents of the East for Amelie's Christmas/Birthday.

Did ya get all that?

Begin scene:

Anyways--I called the place two weeks ago and was told they didn't have room for anyone her age to take art. There was a waiting list too! A longgg one. No chance to take art unless they hire another art teacher.

Scratch that off the list!

I got a call that very afternoon that the waiting list magically disappeared and there was room for her to try the class.

"That'll be $10 please"

I was confused since it was supposed to be a "free trial" but $10 isn't a big deal--we paid it and went today.

We arrived.

"Hi...we're here for our trial art class."

"You have a trial art class? OH! What? We're trial..."

"Yeah, I paid $10 for it, over the phone, with a credit card."

"You PAID? WHAT? We don't charge for free trials."

"That's what I thought."

"We'll refund your money at the end."


Enter class. Fed snacks, Read stories, Played Games, Sang songs, Played with balls...

{Where's the art?}

Finally! The art project arrived--mashed potato snowmen.



Took 5 minutes.

"Ok class is done!"


Walked to the desk.

"Do you want to join the art class?" How about the play and learn class? Can I get a schedule?

"What? You want a schedule? For our classes? Um...I don't know. How old is she? 4? A schedule? I don't think we have a schedule. I don't know. Let me see...I need my clipboard and I have to go to the bathroom."

"Ok..nevermind. I'll just take my $10 back."

"What? Your $10? Oh....ok."

Disappears for 10 minutes.

Comes back to desk.

Hands me $10.

"Now...what did you want again? I still didn't go to the bathroom!"

Nothing. Goodbye.

Amelie is crying. Maeve is climbing the walls.

We head out to car defeated and confused.

Amelie drops snowman in the middle of the street.


More tears, screaming, squirming toddler, hissy fit pre-schooler, exasperated Mama.

End Scene.

(p.s. we're ok now, but sheesh! that was NOT fun!)


Julie said...

That's such a bummer!! Well, at least you got your $10 back. Too bad you couldn't get reimbursed for wasted time as well, eh?

Thanks for the heads up though!

Pamela said...

That was a disaster. So sorry to hear! I think you should brew up some of that yummy coffee and have a little quiet.

as told by: Korleen said...

oh my goodness you poor mama. Maybe instead of classes for Amelie you could get her granny to gift YOU a couple massages! I mean Amelie would benefit from a totally relaxed and rested mama (or something along those lines). Plus after all that effort you definately need it. :-)

Shelly said...

yes--coffee covers a myriad of sins. the cheesecake took some of the edge off too =) i would have taken a nap but little miss poopy drawers decided today was the day she was going to skip napping altogether =)

Devin said...

I sorry for the bad experience...don't you just hate when things go down like that? :(

JerseyGranny said...

I'm so sorry!!!!

Melody said...

Oh good grief! Sometimes being the "Fun Mama" is just way more work than it's worth!

Anonymous said...

Someday, you'll look back on this and laugh; just maybe not today!!