Tuesday, February 10, 2009


* doesn't like fruit and has never eaten any type of melon
* speeds too much
* doesn't like talking on the phone at all
* just discovered Lands End and their tres chic matching rain coats and boots and umbrellas
* has a crush on a television show host, much to the chagrin/confusion of herself and her husband....(mike rowe is dreamy)
* is lucky to be surrounded by such good friends and loving family
* and wishes more than anything that she had a sister
* is dreaming of a 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom house/apartment/condo (anything really)
* is awkward and quiet in person and wishes, occasionally, that she were cool
* will be 30 in about 2 weeks...
* loves her husband much more today than the day that they married (even though I loved him A LOT then!)
*needs to dye her hair
* isn't sure now if she wants to be an elementary school librarian or college art history professor when she grows up
* believes that everyone could benefit from 2 minutes in the morning to put on tinted SPF moisturizer, blush and mascara
* has the name/initials, LMLMW, picked out for the next baby girl I'm praying to have (I told you that I plan ahead!)
* is going to take a nap now =)


BluSkies80 said...

*my thoughts*

*friends and family~w/o them where would we be?

*i think that being awkward and quiet in person is just fine-we all have our quirks!

*you are getting old but that's OK, we'll celebrate together, 30 is still a year away for me=)!

*i need to wash my hair=)

*i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up. i have ideas but they don't seem to get me anywhere, at least for now and i'm just fine with that.

*i guess i will have to pick another girl's name=) i know those initails, that's ok though-you can have it. dan has a syllable thing that he likes to go by, don't ask!=)

*the nap sounds lovely!

Pamela said...


*is all about the fresh-squeezed tangelo and grapefruit juice we've been making this week
*speeds too much
*hearts Lands End
*thinks Mike Rowe is dreamy, too
*same with the fam and friends
*same with the sister want
*has a 3br house 1.5 bath house...it rocks
*was 30 two years ago, and it worked out
*ditto with the hubs
*would like to have two options of what to be when she grows up
*ditto with the minimalist make up
*has no name or initials picked out for impending baby boy
*wishes there was a nap happening today

A Repletion of Reverie said...

*never wants to grow up. wants to be a toys r us kid!*

Devin said...

Ah, I heart Mike Rowe too....

....he's dirty. *hee hee*

~*~Bre~*~ said...

*could so benefit from following your third from the bottom (i totally suck at taking care of my face, wearing make up, and carrying a purse)
*wishes she lived closer to her family, and had a couple good friends
*has the names aubrey caroline, kennedy noelle, and nathan patrick picked out for our next kiddo.... who will NOT be arriving anytime soon
*is starting to think that she maybe doesn't want to be an elementary teacher for the rest of her life.... it's getting to be too much paperwork and testing... bleh
*would have loved to take a nap today, but then she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight
*has a gorgeous princess.... one that is absolutely adored!
*has an amazing husband... he's a God send... truly!
*has a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house, but it has very little rooms, and still doesn't seem like enough room for 3 people and a dog!

Julie said...

Who's Mike Rowe?

Shelly said...

only the most awesome discovery channel show host/voice-over person ever!

Julie said...

Ah. I see. Well, actually I don't, since we don't have TV, and since we don't have TV, we don't have cable, and since we don't have cable, no Discovery channel, therefore no Mike Rowe.

But that's okay, I already have a crush. On my husband.

SarahV said...

um, you're the coolest kid i know. i try to be like you all the time. and if your accepting applications, i'd love to apply to be your sister. oh, and don't talk to stef. i was a wonderful sister no matter what she says :)

Shelly said...

aw, sarah, i heart you so much!