Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pretty much the worst blogger ever

I can't believe how easy it's been to stop blogging--I was so faithfully plugging away for 5+ years and lately haven't been very motivated at all! We've fallen into a comfortable rhythm now that the girls are in school and we are figuring everyone's schedule out! Things are busier than normal! I recently joined our phenomenal local gym and go to classes a few nights a week, the girls started AWANA this year (so far so good!), Maeve has started pre-k, I am getting allergy shots and cleaning one night a week--this is HUGE for us! I feel a bit like we are always running! 
      Not to mention the fact that I am, actually, always running every morning! It was hard at first but now it's one of my favorite parts of the day--my easy days are two miles and my challenging days three--I'm finally starting to feel pretty comfortable! Yay!!  I weighed in today and am down 36 pounds since June 1st when I officially started! I have 8 pounds to lose until I hit my original goal weight--I'm thinking I need a new goal since I didn't think I'd actually get this far!!
      Last week I started potty training Ezra--it's been pretty challenging as the things that worked for the girls are not working for him. We switched up our approach this week though and are having lots of success-no accidents at all today! YAY!!! I think part of the problem is that I'm letting it stress me out--I really need to just go with the flow the stop being so.....*me*!
Nothing else is new here--my Mom is coming to visit this weekend (woot!) and Amelie is getting baptized so lots of excitement on the horizon. So, that's all for bloggy catch up! =)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My sweet baby-girl (who isn't really looking much like a baby at all!!) started pre-k yesterday! It was very exciting and a bit bittersweet to know that thus begins the road to school and Kindergarten! I tried to get a few shots before we walked over to orientation (yes we can WALK to school--1 block; love it!) but Ezra was determined to be in every picture! I had to eventually bribe him with candy to take pictures of just Maeve. He is fairly certain he is going to be attending preschool with her--pretty sure this isn't going to go over well on Friday when I start potty training him instead. Poor guy--he doesn't know what's coming for him! 
Also, these kids are stinkin' gorgeous----but just LOOK at them. HA! 
Love their sweet faces!!

I'm already worried about sending Maeve off next year and wondering how Ezra will adjust. =( He loves his sister so much--they have been constant companions and playmates for the last 3 years because Amelie has always been in school since he's been around. One of his very best little buddies will be in school too. 
It's breaking my heart a little bit. 
Until then, we're going to soak in as much brother-sister/friend play time as possible!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Day of 2nd Grade!!

Can't believe this day is finally here! I've been in denial but just sent off my big-girl and husband for the first day of school!! Next year I'll be sending BOTH of my girls--glad I have another year to think about THAT! =) Here are some shots from this morning!

The progression: First day of K, First day of 1st and First day of 2nd!! =)