Sunday, February 28, 2010

Savings Statistics Week 4

1. Here's the loot from two trips to Walgreens and one to CVS:

feb 034
Grand total: $8!! With 7 bucks back for our next trip AND $11.99 rebate!! I made $10!!!!!
((We bought: 2 nivea shimmery lip things (they paid me $3 to take these!), 1 12 pack pepsi, 6 rolls of paper towels, 2 boxes of dryer sheets, 1 pack of batteries, 2 toothbrushes, 1 shick quattro razor, aluminum foil, body wash, 4 boxes pantiliners, 2 boxes pads (yes, i know, tmi---i actually just bought these because they paid me too and it worked out that it all happened in the same week--eh). ))
18 items, 
$62 worth of merchandise 
for $8 oop, 
7 bucks back 
AND a $12 rebate. 
I just made money. AND my pantry is getting FULL! Praise. The. Lord. 
2. We ALSO got one free dvd at blockbuster
3. Shop Rite: We spent a little more this week--$85--HOWEVER, we bought a ton of meat on sale, rec. TWO free shopping bags, AND $8 back for our trip next week. We earned part of the catalinas (the coupon that gives you money back at the store) by buying these:

feb 035
We now officially have enough cleaning products to clean our house, your house and whoever else's house comes along. All these for $6, with $5 back. If I were smart enough to divide 6 into 5 I would tell you the breakdown. But I'm not. =)
4. Swagbucks: I earned enough THIS week to get TWO $5 giftcards to Amazon. I'm not sure if I'm going with Amazon or saving up for Target. You can still sign up for free stuff! It's not too late! Go here and start earning today!!

 5. I'm still planning a trip to ACME this week--they are running some amazing catalina deals on cereal, pillsbury and bettycrocker products (um, brownies anyone?!). They are going to pay me to take those away from them too muahhahahahhahaha
6. Not to mention the gazillion things I signed up for freebies online for this week--just to name a few: Olay Regenerist trio of FULL SIZE products (free!!), homeschooling magazine subscription, parenting magazine, ladies journal magazine, 2 free weeks of the courier post, free detergent, free diapers, free coupons, free shampoo, free pizza, free lunchables and the list goes on. All in one week! All gleaned from the 4 dealy websites I check out twice a day! Awesome.
7. Pardon me, I'm high on savings!! I really don't want this to sound braggy--I want to encourage my friends and family who read this blog that you can do it too! With an hour or two of effort each week I have saved us a TON of money. It boggles my mind. Why haven't I been doing this all along? Why haven't YOU?! It's like running a business where the only start up cost is the Sunday Paper, ink in your printer and paper! (BTW--ink was on sale this week at CVS and they gave me $10 bucks back just to buy it! Sweet.)
8. Did you get any good deals this week? I would love to hear about it cause I am all about the coupons right now!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wait....are *these* better?!

Shelly's Snippets

Well, it's another snow day here in South Jersey and spring break is rapidly disappearing before our eyes. Boo. Although, before my complaining gets out of hand, I must admit that it is always nice to have my husband home! The girls did some outside and upstairs playing with him today and it was good. =) So, since I'm all lazy here's a blog in snippet form:
1. my husband is going to be gone most of the day tomorrow because his music team made the semi-finals of the international competition of a capella again! so, yay for his awesomeness and boo to his absence.
2. i need a coupon organization system. things are getting a little out of control around here with the piles and the scissors and the clippings etc.
3. i *love* that ezra can't help but light up with a huge smile whenever he sees me. i wish *that* never went away. it's heavenly. in other news--since i related that tidbit to my husband he's been smiling big on purpose when he sees me to make me feel better. it's working =)
4. the girls love the snow!! they're precious. poor maeve has had to be dragged inside kicking and screaming--she'd rather turn into a popsicle than leave the snow!
5. looks like the crazy 8 brown/blue outfits are *it* for easter! the votes were close! i like them a bit better than the greens myself though!
6. the new swagbucks system is annoying. i'm not getting any credits for referrels or finding bucks on my own. i hope they work the kinks out of their new system soon!
7. i'm craving summer sun and warmth. i even rearranged maeve's closet and hung all the spring/warm weather clothes in the know...just in case it ever stops snowing.
8. it doesn't really feel like friday to me! probably b/c i know it's going to be a looooonnnnnggggg weekend!
good night friends!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nicely, naturally
Person, peacefully
Sleeps, soundly

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Right Now

*the boy is sleeping, the girls are playing up-up-stairs with daddy.
*the children have been bathed and pj'ed, the laundry is nearly done, the dishes are done, the house is mostly straightened, i've already taken a shower and called my mother and as i finally sit with a few quiet moments to blog
my brain is empty.
*i think of things alllll day long that i want to write down and as soon as i get *the chance* they fly out of my brain.
*the only things i can scrounge out of my mind are:
1. i'll be glad when the olympics are done. i miss the 3 shows i watch each week and don't have an affinity for sports or competition. i know they're a *big deal* but it just doesn't do anything for me--with the exception of the podium and the national anthems--i love that part and they all make me cry even though i'm not emotionally invested in the games at all =)
2. i'm so thankful for my friends and for my childrens' friends. we are surrounded by love. it is a good thing.
3. i'm thankful for all of our parents. they are so helpful and kind and supportive and it is a good thing.
4. i really like coupons and would like to take the chance to thank my husband's former student, piano protege and current co-worker of his (this makes us old) *Ashley* for being my coupon inspiration. Go read her blog. She really loves food and coupons and in my mind we're really good friends even though we don't know each other very well.
5. i got an awesome nap today. being a stay-at-home-mom is equal parts hard and wonderful and when i go back to work someday i'm really going to miss those naps because they rock.
6. my babies are getting big. maybe if we all wish really hard together they'll all stay exactly this age forever. i love it. my heart is over-full of joy. they're so cute i can't stand it. my husband is so loving and supportive i can't describe the blessing he is with words.
my life is heart-breakingly small and quiet and happy and wonderful.
7. good night friends.

Monday, February 22, 2010

16 Weeks

Our precious little E-boy is 16 weeks old today!
I can't hardly believe it!
He has added so much joy and fun and cute-little-boyness to our familiy. We're all in love with the little guy!
Here's a picture I recently took of him and Maeve.
jan2010 021 copy
ha! It was the end of the photoshoot and he wasn't thrilled =)
We love you little Ezra (even though you like to party at 5am)!
We're so thankful that you're a part of our family!

Saving Statistics Week 3

1. Shop rite is still going strong--still bringing home our groceries for $50 ish dollars a week. Woot.
2. I did a Rite Aid and CVS run this week and picked up all of this:
jan2010 038
for $13! (That's less than $1 per item). With 6 bucks back for our next shopping trips! We still have to do a Walgreens run and though it is annoying to be stopping at a few extra stores during the week it's tolerable for the savings (and the fact that they're all within 1/2 mile of our house!)
3. Swagbucks I DID IT!!! I earned my first $20 Target gift card a week earlier than I thought I would! Woot! You can do it to--so easy! I promise....Click through and sign up--you're just a few searches away from free free free.
4. Shop At Home--I'm up to $25 in rebates which will mail when the earning period closes at the end of the month--nothing new here! But if you're interested in earning cashback on your online purchases click the banner to head over!
5. If only there were a coupon that would melt the snow. Then life would be perfect. =)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's A Freakin' Miracle

The other day when I was home with Maeve
(Ezra was sleeping and Amelie was at Granny's)
I told her it was time for nap.
She said, "ok!" and jumped up on the couch and pulled the blankets up.
So. Cute.
I grabbed my camera to snap a picture and lo and behold--
SHE ACTUALLY SMILED! sleepingbeauty2
I can't remember the last time I'd caught a Maeve-smile on camera.Love. it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amelie Says

"Maeve! Stop your crying! You need to learn the spirit of the big girl!"

Here A Moo! There A Moo! Everywhere An *E*-Moo!


Friday, February 19, 2010

The Polls Are Open: Which Do Ya'll Like Better For Easter?

I love both of these ensemble options for the Easter outfits. I'm going to open a poll so you can vote for your favorite-cause I can't decide =) ((FYI the top outfits are Gymbo and the bottom, Crazy8)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Guess We'll Never Know If She Was Photogenic When She Was Two



(this is what a photo induced coma looks like--it never fails that whenever i bring out my camera maeve falls promptly to the floor and lays there as if paralyzed.!!!)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My First Big CVS Deal. Woot.

2 Purex Complete (Buy 1 Get 1 for 1 cent)
2 Glade Sense and Spray ($6 each)
4 Sobe Energy Drinks (BOGO $1.79 each)
1 Crest Mouth Wash ($3.50)
Grand Total (with sale price but before Coupons): $26.00 (ish)
After coupons: $7.00 out of pocket
But wait, there's more!! They gave us $7.50 in bucks BACK for our next visit AND I have a $5 rebate to fill out for the Glade products bringing us to a grand total of:
$5.50 EARNED!

They paid me $5.50 to TAKE AWAY $50 (pre-sale) of products!!!
Can I get a woot woot?!

Rose Red

I'm not much of an *indoor* flower girl
(or a jewelry girl for that matter)
Honestly, I like a good gift card or something for my home
But this little flower my husband brought me is gorgeous
I can't believe how long it has stayed lovely
It smells delightful
And I just wanted to say Thanks, Honey! For this little piece of springy/summery delight.

Amelie Says

"Hey Mom! I had some extra crap in my room so you can have it. Happy Birthday!"! hahha

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saving Statistics Week 2

Things are going well in the land of save-a-lot (or at least, the land of save-a-little). Progress report:
1. Shopping at Shop Rite v. Wegmans.
I must preface this by telling my lover Wegmans that we'll always be's not *you* it's *me* ((and my desire to have coupons doubled and to see items I use hit rock bottom prices every 4 to 6 weeks.)) I really fell for you and your pretty stores and your desire to keep prices at one even, low price all year long without fluctuation but the sales and the double coupons have me. I'm sorry. I'll still visit once a month for EPI bread, the Grandma Brown Baked Beans, Gianelli Sausage, Hoffman Hotdogs and Buck Salt (central NY staples!!) I promise.
Our grocery bill this week had me convinced: usually we spend $100-$120 a week at Wegmans. Eesh. At Shop Rite? $56. Um, that's so close to half it makes me sick. I'm switching and sticking to Weggies for special occasions.
2. We did a big rookie *fail* at Walgreens and tried to pay for an item using Register Rewards and getting them in the same transaction--usually it works--just not when you are earning and paying with RR from the same company. Rookie mistake. Will NOT happen again!
3. Did a "free" trip to CVS--nothing big but getting free shampoo makes my hair more manageable or something. Also the Cereal--Kellogg's--Two boxes for 50 cents. Nice. Love the coupons.
4. Swagbucks: I haven't traded any in yet and am saving up--for 235 bucks you can get $20 at Target...Holding out hope to get there by my birthday--I think I will! Woot! $20 for searching the web? AND I get to go to my favorite store. So Easy. So Awesome.

5.Shop At Home: I've already earned my $20!!! It gets mailed next week and will possibly be higher by then! Woot! Seriously. I can't believe they give you money when you BUY things you needed or would have anyways!!

6. Last but not least-(-I cheated just a smidge here-)-I ordered Diapers and used my Mother-In-Law's address (w/her permission) and rec. the $10 off for new addresses and free shipping and can sign up for the new $15 rebate they are giving! That's two huge boxes of diapers, an extra large pack of wipes for $25 SHIPPED free. Nice. Want to sign up? Go to Diapers(dot)com and tell them I sent ya...or type in this code: MICH4199. When you refer people they hook you up with a discount too! ALSO: I searched diapers(dot)com at shopathome and will ALSO rec. CASHBACK for that order too. Oh man. So Exciting!!!
*To sum it all up.
It makes me happy.
Win. Win.

Post Secret: These Are The *Best* Days Of My Life

*Ezra is getting so big.*
There. I said it.
Seriously? Can't believe he's getting *big* already.
(And yes, I have pictures and no, I am not motivated to edit them and post them.
Yet... =)
He's "talking" to me all the time.
Laughing at me.
Always staring at me.
Very nearly rolling over.
Sucking his thumb!
Enjoying his exersaucer!
(He has excellent head/neck control and is such a strong little *big* guy)
Loving his big, silly, wonderful sisters.
And tolerating his loving, wonderful, amazing Daddy.
I can't believe that in a couple short months it will be starting with the food and the crawling and all that jazz.
The moments are flying by.
Amelie says, "We don't want Maeve and Ezra to grow up--do we Mommy? Can't they be little forever?"
I can't help but think that they'll ALL
*always be little. *
In my heart.
In my eyes.
And that whenever I look at their faces I'll picture the moment I first held them, remember that *new* baby smell and what it felt like when they laid their little heads on my shoulder and sighed themselves to sleep.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Daze Snippets

*We've been snowed in the house on and off for the last eleventy-five days.
(Give or take)
*Mr. Wonderful and Amelie only had school twice this week.
*I went a little crazy today and completely rearranged the living room.
*I love it.
*We also finished a lot of painting projects and little odds and home improvement ends
*We're expecting my parents tomorrow! It will be nice to put them to work visit with them for the weekend!
* Mr. Wonderful took the girls to Chuck E Cheese today--Here's their portrait
family picture
*What a fabulous husband have I.
*I'm up to 100 swag bucks! Woot!
*Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interview With An Amelie

jan2010 001

What is your favorite color?
Pink and purple because Princesses have those colors on them.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A teacher because it's fun to learn new stuff with little kids!

What subject do you want to teach?
Music team--just like Daddy.

What is your favorite animal?
A snake.
I like to look at big snakes at the zoo.

I don't believe you! If there was a snake on the floor right now would you pick it up and give it a hug or would you run away?
I would run away but at the zoo they can't touch you because they are in a cage.


What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
Play games.

With Mommy?
Hug each other!

I like to dance together with her.

I love to hold him because he's so precious and cute and handsome.

What is your favorite food to eat?
Mac-a-nomi and cheese!
Who is your best friend?
What is your favorite thing to do at school?
Crafts and drawing pictures.

What are your favorite/most exciting things?
Having my birthday, getting cards in the mail and going to Granny Blue-Swings house.

Anything else I should know about you?
I can't think of anything!

jan2010 040

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saving Statistics Week 1

Remember how I mentioned my savings quest a couple of days ago? Well--I'm already making major progress! Yay me! I always thought coupons and saving was too hard or not worth the hassle but I've found some great and easy ways to earn extra money or get cashback for my family!
1. Remember Swagbucks? I've only been a member for FIVE days and I already have enough for $5 free at! I shop there all the time for gifts, electronics, books--they have it all! I just spent 3 minutes searching in the morning and in the afternoon everyday and have earned *bucks* within 3 or 4 searches. Friday is bonus day and they award bucks of larger denominations. It's soooo easy--who can say "no" to free gift cards!!? (Also I found out that if you trade in 70 swagbucks you can get $5 deposited in your paypal account).

2. I also joined ShopAtHome when I did that Target diaper deal. They give you cashback on all your online purchases and then send you a CHECK every month as long as your balance is at least $20--if you don't reach $20 in the first month your balance carries over until it does. They give you $5 for signing up and I've already got $15 in my account from 2 purchases (the diapers and polos from Old Navy for Amelie to wear in KINDERGARTEN AHHHH), 1 referral, and my sign up bonus! We're in need of some home improvement items from Lowe's--my plan is to buy them online and pick them up for free in store so I can use the coupon codes on the website AND get cashback! woot!!

3. Walgreens--I sent Mr. Wonderful there today (during Amelie's dance lesson) and with our coupons and 2 very easy pain free transactions we spent $4 out of pocket and rec. $17 worth of products we NEEDED and got $4 cash back for our next purchase! So, basically it was free! It was super easy--I just used *this website* which had some of the deals laid out and the links to the coupons for printing! There are many websites which list different coupon scenarios--there are amazing deals out there--why not take a few minutes to look around? I'm happy I did!
4. Shop Rite. Now, this saddens me a little because I'm a die hard Wegmans shopper. I simply adore Wegmans! So. much. love. Anyways--I've decided to let Weggies become my once a month trip and to head to Shop Rite for my other trips. I went there last week and with a few coupons (which they double) rec. $45 worth of groceries for $11! (it was supposed to be $7 but I think I messed up a coupon or something b/c I didn't get the extra $4 off I thought that I would). Again--there are websites with deals, coupons and scenarios all listed out so all you have to do is stack up your coupons and head off!
I only share this not to be annoying with *dealy* finds but because I really felt like I contributed even more to our household economy with just a few extra minutes of my time and with very little effort. I feel like a better steward of what God has given us and just thought there would be others out there who might be interested in doing something similar--cause if this brain dead mother of a newborn and 2 young children can do it--ANYONE can =)

The Snow Isn't The Only Thing That Is Piling Up!

With the frightful, frigid, freezing, winter weather
I should be getting a lot of projects done..
the three children, lack of sleep and general plethora of chores has kept me from my project pile.
So many plans....such cute little time.

jan2010 172

Amelie Says

"Oh, Mama! I wish that allll of our furniture was made of bologna so that we could eat it. Wouldn't that be delicious?"


Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, we survived
or whatev.
jan2010 178
It was lovely really--we just stayed in and drank hot chocolate
and tea
(mr. wonderful)
and played lots of dress up
(the girls)
Maeve tried her darndest to make it feel *tropical*
(didn't work--but valiant effort on her part!)
and Amelie tried her darndest to just be cute
(she succeeded)
jan2010 166
we just did a lot of make believin'
and even some paintin'
I don't know about you, but I think it's kind of nice to be *snowed in* once in a while =)

Friday, February 5, 2010

{to be so}

Cause Everybody Likes *Swag*

So I've started a few things this week:
1. regaining my sanity after last week's sickness festival here
2. majorly researching coupons and *deal* sites in hopes of saving our family money at the grocery store
3. searching through SWAGBUCKS!
--i search for things (the googley way) all of the time and you can actually, through swagbucks search google and get *paid* to do it! they randomly give you bucks as you search throughout the day and you can trade them in for: giftcards (45 swagbucks = $5 at, MONEY in your paypal accout etc. and if you sign up i get referral points so now you KNOW you wanna do it! (also, if you get people to sign up you get their referral points--it's the gift that keeps on giving!)
-->if you click on the link below you can get started--you also get 3 free *bucks* for signing up! totally free, totally worth it and totally fun!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Most Amazing Art I've Ever Seen

(as seen on Ukrain's version of America's Got Talent--An artistic rendering of Germany's invasion of the Ukraine during WWII.)

Dear Ezra,

What happened to all of the sleeping at night?
I miss it.
A. lot.

jan2010 011

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's A Love Story Baby Just Say *Yes*; A.K.A. Ode To A Third Floor Playroom

oh third floor
i simply adore
how far away you are

rose petal cottage
and lots of ga-mes

you gently muffle four little feet
two little mouths
sound so very sweet
(when they can't be heard)

you're far away and full of toys
you're the answer to my prayers
the secret to my joy

i wouldn't sell ya for a million dollars
you're the perfect place to send my daughters
i'm just so glad you're a part of my life
if i wasn't already married i'd like to be your wife


My Fair Ladies

jan2010 151

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Target Diaper Deal!

I was perusing some online deal sites to look for a few things:
1. computer deals (ours is suffering from a serious virus related nervous breakdown. urgh)
2. cvs deals (i'm always in awe of the hardcore cvs deal shoppers who buy like $100 of things and cvs pays them to take it home--i just can't ever figure out the math)
what i found instead was an awesome deal on Target diapers!
I usually use either Luvs or Target brand and like them for different reasons--
Luvs are nicer quality--a little "softer" and Targets run a little bigger and seem more roomy. Both brands have worked really well for us and are very inexpensive! Anyways here's a rundown of the Target diaper deal I found if you're interested!
1. register at (it's a cashback for online shopping program and you get $5 free for signing up!)
2. search for target and click on the link to the store
3. search for up & up diapers at target and buy 4 packages
4. you will automatically get free shipping and 15% off!!
5. enter code URTYJLI8 to save an additional 10% at checkout!
6. i spent $18 for FOUR packs of diapers AND got freeshipping!! awesome! you also get 5% cashback at shopathome

deals are fun. woot!

Never Too Young For Narcisscism

The other night I headed out to BuyBuyBaby with some dear friends and scored an awesomely clearanced price floor mat! Ezra is in love with it and the fact that he can see his reflection in the little mirror =)
jan2010 139jan2010 156

i miss my tastebuds; alternately titled: i wonder if *jillian* knows about this...

my son and i are on the same inhaled breathing treatments
(it's like totally a bonding thing for us-NOT!)
it doesn't seem to bother him but for me it changes the taste of
everything i eat
((or negates the taste of everything i eat))
everything has a weird medicine-y taste
also my nose is not working
so since food tastes like medicine and doesn't smell like anything to me-
-one would think that this would be an excellent tool for weight loss
but isn't so
for i keep testing everything just to make sure it isn't
*the one food*
that will help me to escape the curse of tastelessness and smell-less-ness
for the record:
orange juice
hot chocolate
hershey kisses
cafe mocha
french fries
chocolate chip cookies
strawberry milkshakes
pb & j
all taste exactly the same
((or taste like nothing))
but just to make sure i don't miss anything delicious i'm just gonna keep on testing things over here =)
and i thought you all should know cause ya'll are so supportive
any tips on things i should try?
so to sum up:
i miss my tastebuds
(come back to me!)
the end.