Monday, February 8, 2010

Saving Statistics Week 1

Remember how I mentioned my savings quest a couple of days ago? Well--I'm already making major progress! Yay me! I always thought coupons and saving was too hard or not worth the hassle but I've found some great and easy ways to earn extra money or get cashback for my family!
1. Remember Swagbucks? I've only been a member for FIVE days and I already have enough for $5 free at! I shop there all the time for gifts, electronics, books--they have it all! I just spent 3 minutes searching in the morning and in the afternoon everyday and have earned *bucks* within 3 or 4 searches. Friday is bonus day and they award bucks of larger denominations. It's soooo easy--who can say "no" to free gift cards!!? (Also I found out that if you trade in 70 swagbucks you can get $5 deposited in your paypal account).

2. I also joined ShopAtHome when I did that Target diaper deal. They give you cashback on all your online purchases and then send you a CHECK every month as long as your balance is at least $20--if you don't reach $20 in the first month your balance carries over until it does. They give you $5 for signing up and I've already got $15 in my account from 2 purchases (the diapers and polos from Old Navy for Amelie to wear in KINDERGARTEN AHHHH), 1 referral, and my sign up bonus! We're in need of some home improvement items from Lowe's--my plan is to buy them online and pick them up for free in store so I can use the coupon codes on the website AND get cashback! woot!!

3. Walgreens--I sent Mr. Wonderful there today (during Amelie's dance lesson) and with our coupons and 2 very easy pain free transactions we spent $4 out of pocket and rec. $17 worth of products we NEEDED and got $4 cash back for our next purchase! So, basically it was free! It was super easy--I just used *this website* which had some of the deals laid out and the links to the coupons for printing! There are many websites which list different coupon scenarios--there are amazing deals out there--why not take a few minutes to look around? I'm happy I did!
4. Shop Rite. Now, this saddens me a little because I'm a die hard Wegmans shopper. I simply adore Wegmans! So. much. love. Anyways--I've decided to let Weggies become my once a month trip and to head to Shop Rite for my other trips. I went there last week and with a few coupons (which they double) rec. $45 worth of groceries for $11! (it was supposed to be $7 but I think I messed up a coupon or something b/c I didn't get the extra $4 off I thought that I would). Again--there are websites with deals, coupons and scenarios all listed out so all you have to do is stack up your coupons and head off!
I only share this not to be annoying with *dealy* finds but because I really felt like I contributed even more to our household economy with just a few extra minutes of my time and with very little effort. I feel like a better steward of what God has given us and just thought there would be others out there who might be interested in doing something similar--cause if this brain dead mother of a newborn and 2 young children can do it--ANYONE can =)


JerseyGranny said...

Waah! I went to that website and was so confused but managed to select some coupons to print which are stuck in my printer's que. Now I must go find out why. Thanks, Shell!

Julie said...

Bargain shopping is one of my faves.

Unfortunately, in order to print said bargain coupons from the internet, I'll have to purchase a non-fax machine printer. ARGH!!!

Ashley said...

Aww yay! I'm glad you were successful at walgreens and shoprite! isn't it fun? :)