Friday, February 26, 2010

Shelly's Snippets

Well, it's another snow day here in South Jersey and spring break is rapidly disappearing before our eyes. Boo. Although, before my complaining gets out of hand, I must admit that it is always nice to have my husband home! The girls did some outside and upstairs playing with him today and it was good. =) So, since I'm all lazy here's a blog in snippet form:
1. my husband is going to be gone most of the day tomorrow because his music team made the semi-finals of the international competition of a capella again! so, yay for his awesomeness and boo to his absence.
2. i need a coupon organization system. things are getting a little out of control around here with the piles and the scissors and the clippings etc.
3. i *love* that ezra can't help but light up with a huge smile whenever he sees me. i wish *that* never went away. it's heavenly. in other news--since i related that tidbit to my husband he's been smiling big on purpose when he sees me to make me feel better. it's working =)
4. the girls love the snow!! they're precious. poor maeve has had to be dragged inside kicking and screaming--she'd rather turn into a popsicle than leave the snow!
5. looks like the crazy 8 brown/blue outfits are *it* for easter! the votes were close! i like them a bit better than the greens myself though!
6. the new swagbucks system is annoying. i'm not getting any credits for referrels or finding bucks on my own. i hope they work the kinks out of their new system soon!
7. i'm craving summer sun and warmth. i even rearranged maeve's closet and hung all the spring/warm weather clothes in the know...just in case it ever stops snowing.
8. it doesn't really feel like friday to me! probably b/c i know it's going to be a looooonnnnnggggg weekend!
good night friends!

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