Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Target Diaper Deal!

I was perusing some online deal sites to look for a few things:
1. computer deals (ours is suffering from a serious virus related nervous breakdown. urgh)
2. cvs deals (i'm always in awe of the hardcore cvs deal shoppers who buy like $100 of things and cvs pays them to take it home--i just can't ever figure out the math)
what i found instead was an awesome deal on Target diapers!
I usually use either Luvs or Target brand and like them for different reasons--
Luvs are nicer quality--a little "softer" and Targets run a little bigger and seem more roomy. Both brands have worked really well for us and are very inexpensive! Anyways here's a rundown of the Target diaper deal I found if you're interested!
1. register at shopathome.com (it's a cashback for online shopping program and you get $5 free for signing up!)
2. search for target and click on the link to the store
3. search for up & up diapers at target and buy 4 packages
4. you will automatically get free shipping and 15% off!!
5. enter code URTYJLI8 to save an additional 10% at checkout!
6. i spent $18 for FOUR packs of diapers AND got freeshipping!! awesome! you also get 5% cashback at shopathome

deals are fun. woot!


BluSkies80 said...

I have yet to sign up for that-I follow a few blogs that scope out all the deals and they do post a lot of shop at home ones. Here are those links-can't tell you how many things I've basically gotten for free because of their links to coupons plus using my own!


Also, they post of lot of those CVS deals.

I may have to sign up and give it a try, thanks for the diaper info.

Micayla said...

I'll definitely check out that deal, and BluSkies' websites. It's always nice to save on diapers!

SarahV said...

um, sounds awesome! will definitely be checking that out.

Melody said...

Awesome!!! I'm gonna go buy some right now! Thanks for passing on the savings : )

Candace said...

That is awesome! I had never tried the up & up til Jack was born and I really like them too! I will definitely have to do this! AWESOME! :)

Julie said...

That's a GREAT deal. I'm going to have to check it out. I've got a baby shower to attend next week and these would be a great (and cheap) addition to my gift!

Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Playing the cvs game is super super fun!! join the party!!