Sunday, February 28, 2010

Savings Statistics Week 4

1. Here's the loot from two trips to Walgreens and one to CVS:

feb 034
Grand total: $8!! With 7 bucks back for our next trip AND $11.99 rebate!! I made $10!!!!!
((We bought: 2 nivea shimmery lip things (they paid me $3 to take these!), 1 12 pack pepsi, 6 rolls of paper towels, 2 boxes of dryer sheets, 1 pack of batteries, 2 toothbrushes, 1 shick quattro razor, aluminum foil, body wash, 4 boxes pantiliners, 2 boxes pads (yes, i know, tmi---i actually just bought these because they paid me too and it worked out that it all happened in the same week--eh). ))
18 items, 
$62 worth of merchandise 
for $8 oop, 
7 bucks back 
AND a $12 rebate. 
I just made money. AND my pantry is getting FULL! Praise. The. Lord. 
2. We ALSO got one free dvd at blockbuster
3. Shop Rite: We spent a little more this week--$85--HOWEVER, we bought a ton of meat on sale, rec. TWO free shopping bags, AND $8 back for our trip next week. We earned part of the catalinas (the coupon that gives you money back at the store) by buying these:

feb 035
We now officially have enough cleaning products to clean our house, your house and whoever else's house comes along. All these for $6, with $5 back. If I were smart enough to divide 6 into 5 I would tell you the breakdown. But I'm not. =)
4. Swagbucks: I earned enough THIS week to get TWO $5 giftcards to Amazon. I'm not sure if I'm going with Amazon or saving up for Target. You can still sign up for free stuff! It's not too late! Go here and start earning today!!

 5. I'm still planning a trip to ACME this week--they are running some amazing catalina deals on cereal, pillsbury and bettycrocker products (um, brownies anyone?!). They are going to pay me to take those away from them too muahhahahahhahaha
6. Not to mention the gazillion things I signed up for freebies online for this week--just to name a few: Olay Regenerist trio of FULL SIZE products (free!!), homeschooling magazine subscription, parenting magazine, ladies journal magazine, 2 free weeks of the courier post, free detergent, free diapers, free coupons, free shampoo, free pizza, free lunchables and the list goes on. All in one week! All gleaned from the 4 dealy websites I check out twice a day! Awesome.
7. Pardon me, I'm high on savings!! I really don't want this to sound braggy--I want to encourage my friends and family who read this blog that you can do it too! With an hour or two of effort each week I have saved us a TON of money. It boggles my mind. Why haven't I been doing this all along? Why haven't YOU?! It's like running a business where the only start up cost is the Sunday Paper, ink in your printer and paper! (BTW--ink was on sale this week at CVS and they gave me $10 bucks back just to buy it! Sweet.)
8. Did you get any good deals this week? I would love to hear about it cause I am all about the coupons right now!!!


SarahV said...

you are AWESOME! and i am stupid. i gotta tell you, i look at those websites and i am so. lost! i print a few coupons here and there for grocery shopping (i spent $120 for our 2 week shop!) but it's the CVS, Walgreens, etc. that i get confused on. in the spirit of being paid to shop i will try extra hard this week to get this down!

Madre said...

YEAH !!! YEAH !!!! You rock!
Keep up the good work!
my favorite savings comment - "BTW ink was on sale at CVS and they gave me $10 bucks back just to by it!" you are amazing.

Devin said...


Got to tell you two things:

1. I am so proud of you. You are doing great on this money saving venture!

2. I find it hilarious that you posted both pantiliners AND tampons on your blog. HAhahahaha!!