Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i miss my tastebuds; alternately titled: i wonder if *jillian* knows about this...

my son and i are on the same inhaled breathing treatments
(it's like totally a bonding thing for us-NOT!)
it doesn't seem to bother him but for me it changes the taste of
everything i eat
((or negates the taste of everything i eat))
everything has a weird medicine-y taste
also my nose is not working
so since food tastes like medicine and doesn't smell like anything to me-
-one would think that this would be an excellent tool for weight loss
but no...it isn't so
for i keep testing everything just to make sure it isn't
*the one food*
that will help me to escape the curse of tastelessness and smell-less-ness
for the record:
orange juice
hot chocolate
hershey kisses
cafe mocha
french fries
chocolate chip cookies
strawberry milkshakes
pb & j
all taste exactly the same
((or taste like nothing))
but just to make sure i don't miss anything delicious i'm just gonna keep on testing things over here =)
and i thought you all should know cause ya'll are so supportive
any tips on things i should try?
so to sum up:
i miss my tastebuds
(come back to me!)
the end.


BluSkies80 said...

I hope that you get better soon so that you can taste yummy foods again, especially that milkshake!

Jodi said...

Salt and Vinegar chips work almost everytime!

Megan and Company said...

Leah must find the taste of albuterol fascinating because whenever she gets a treatment she keeps her tongue stuck out licking the mask the whole time. Blech.

Sorry, I think we'll need to organize some sort of taste testing frenzy at the next girl's night. Like a taste intervention for you.

SarahV said...

ahhhh, that's terrible! josh lost his tasty-ness for a few days from being on some meds. he hated it!!! i hope it returns post haste!!