Monday, February 22, 2010

Saving Statistics Week 3

1. Shop rite is still going strong--still bringing home our groceries for $50 ish dollars a week. Woot.
2. I did a Rite Aid and CVS run this week and picked up all of this:
jan2010 038
for $13! (That's less than $1 per item). With 6 bucks back for our next shopping trips! We still have to do a Walgreens run and though it is annoying to be stopping at a few extra stores during the week it's tolerable for the savings (and the fact that they're all within 1/2 mile of our house!)
3. Swagbucks I DID IT!!! I earned my first $20 Target gift card a week earlier than I thought I would! Woot! You can do it to--so easy! I promise....Click through and sign up--you're just a few searches away from free free free.
4. Shop At Home--I'm up to $25 in rebates which will mail when the earning period closes at the end of the month--nothing new here! But if you're interested in earning cashback on your online purchases click the banner to head over!
5. If only there were a coupon that would melt the snow. Then life would be perfect. =)


Jessica said...

Do you get your CVS coupons online? I have a CVS that is less than 5 minutes from my house...and I am lovin' all of your deals!!

Shelly said...

yes--i get the majority of my coupons right online! love. it.