Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post Secret: These Are The *Best* Days Of My Life

*Ezra is getting so big.*
There. I said it.
Seriously? Can't believe he's getting *big* already.
(And yes, I have pictures and no, I am not motivated to edit them and post them.
Yet... =)
He's "talking" to me all the time.
Laughing at me.
Always staring at me.
Very nearly rolling over.
Sucking his thumb!
Enjoying his exersaucer!
(He has excellent head/neck control and is such a strong little *big* guy)
Loving his big, silly, wonderful sisters.
And tolerating his loving, wonderful, amazing Daddy.
I can't believe that in a couple short months it will be starting with the food and the crawling and all that jazz.
The moments are flying by.
Amelie says, "We don't want Maeve and Ezra to grow up--do we Mommy? Can't they be little forever?"
I can't help but think that they'll ALL
*always be little. *
In my heart.
In my eyes.
And that whenever I look at their faces I'll picture the moment I first held them, remember that *new* baby smell and what it felt like when they laid their little heads on my shoulder and sighed themselves to sleep.


JerseyGranny said...

OK, so I may as well let the tears that are stinging the backs of my eyes roll down my cheeks, precious Shellgirl. Yes, these moments are forever burned upon our hearts; then, the Lord blesses us with grandchildren. Oh, the fullness of joy!

Julie said...

Sheesh, thanks for making me cry this morning....