Monday, February 28, 2011

Rainy Monday Window(s) Shopping

I want this canvas print for my living room--isn't it pretty?
I ordered some new brown couch covers (not as nice as these pictured) with some ebay-sellings-money and am using this picture as my inspiration room.
I can't wait to paint our walls and molding downstairs! It's a big job but I love redecorating!
We've been lucky enough the past couple of weeks to enjoy many nights eating with friends and family (my parents) since my husband has been working out of town at night. It made all the difference in the world to have friends to spend time with--I'm so thankful for it! Now that my husband's long nights are over I think we ought to make dinner with friends a more regular part of our nights!
Here's a few pictures from Friday--the girls anxiously awaiting company:
the two handsomest pasta-faces ever!!
friends (and my husband who was arrived home early! yay!)
weird 3 year old games
That's it for now! I can see from my perch at the computer that Ezra has fully realized his dream of being able to climb up on the couch by himself. 
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Snippets and Pictures Of A Handsome Guy!

Another weekend.
Another whirlwind!!
My husband was gone all day Saturday playing for Brundibar.
(Also known in the Wonderful household as *the saddest opera ever* oy).
So it was kind of a long day--luckily Granny and Pop of the East helped me out with some child-shuttling!
Not much else is new aside from the fact that Ezra actually made it through nursery today.
It's so nice to be able to sit through a whole church service--I forgot what it was like! =)
Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Our week has flown (even faster than normal!)! Between having my parents here and having construction for a few exhausting days it has been a blur! 
My parents ended up leaving late last night to avoid a large snow storm that was predicted for their area! Boo! Luckily there was a special Disney show at my husband's school (put on by him and his music team) to entertain us this morning!
We saw lots of our friends there and the cute cousin met us there too! Maeve had a great time while I got in my exercise for the day chasing Ezra! =)
Maeve's been on a Sleeping Beauty kick lately--although, I don't think she's figured out yet that Mommy shuts it off halfway through and restarts it (hello scary ending!! =). I loved that movie when I was younger.
Anyways, that's it! I laid the kids down extra early for nap because we have to pick up Amelie from school this afternoon! Mr. Wonderful has a performance tonight and one tomorrow and one  every day next week. Eh. We're almost to the end of the our suffering without him though! =)
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Goin' On

We've been having more construction on our house which is both a *YAY* and a *Eh*! =) 
It is so wonderful to be having great quality work done on things that you've been looking at and waiting to see *fixed* but also annoying to wrangle little ones in a construction zone! The kids have done great and Ezra is a pro at sleeping through hammering, banging, sawing etc. =)
My parents came to visit us on their way back from a short southern vacation! They got in yesterday and have been busy reading to and playing with the girls--they are so happy to have their Northern Grandparents here! 
(They are lucky kids with a bunch of wonderful grandparents! =). 
Anyways--this weekend Amelie lost her 5th tooth! It was all gross and loose--I was so happy I finally convinced her to let me get it out!  Love her!
Here's a picture of my Ezra guy who fell asleep in the exersaucer the other day--it was so sweet and funny! I couldn't believe how loud he was snoring! Love him!
And a picture of Maeve sitting with her Pop. Cuties! Love them!
So that's it! We're just busy wrangling little ones and dodging molding and sheet rock pieces and cleaning up odds and ends of projects. Can't wait till they are all done and things are peaceful and pretty! =) Mr. Wonderful is still busy working a lot of hours and so I'm extra thankful to have my parents here so that I'm not alone all the time! We're also going to celebrate my impending birthday--it'll be fun celebrating turning 25 again! =)
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy President's Day! I used to *LOVE* President's Day/Week when I was in school in NY--they get a wholeeee week off to "celebrate!" 
Nothin's better than a week off in the middle of winter to recharge! Alas, in NJ we get a long weekend and my husband had to work 3/4 of it so Boo!

I *did* have my three babies home today so we went to the Children's museum and they completely exhausted me! Usually I only have two to chase there--chasing three was a new experience! Ha! We had fun though! I treated them to Happy Meals and tucked them in for naps and they slept like angels! Woot!

Our ceilings are still being worked on (we took down the drop ceilings and there is sheet rock being put up) so our upstairs is a complete disaster with all of our bedroom furniture and clothes split between the girls' and Ezra's rooms. Nightmare. Can't wait till it's over! Also, we're sleeping downstairs on the sofa since we are bed-less. Also not so much fun. =)

Anyways, I'm done complaining now!
It's supposed to snow tonight? I'm kind of ready for that to be over--so thankful that spring is on the way!
In other news--we had the kids' Valentine's Day pictures taken this weekend! It was a struggle to keep Ezra in the frame but we got a few cute ones! Yay!
That's it for now! I'm going to enjoy sitting with my husband since I haven't hardly seen him lately! 
Good night!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Day Or Five Late

My Maevey-girl started pre-k this week and I totally forgot to write about it! My weeks have been so topsy turvy with my husband's new job I'm completely out of sorts! =)
Anyways, she started this Wednesday and really loves it! A local school has an awesome program for little ones that is *free* (woot), *fun* (double woot) and run by some pretty cool people! (triple woot!).
Maeve just marched right off into school like it was normal and waved me off--so much easier than when I dropped Amelie off a few years ago! Maeve very confidently walked away and that made it easier for me to leave and go cry in my car! =) I can't believe how much my little lamb is growing up! *tear* But yay for happy, new adventures!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Handsome Guy!

My little Ezra guy was sick last weekend and missed out on the Valentine pictures I took of the girls so I made him do his own little photo shoot! I love this guy! I can't believe how big he is! Here's a few Ezra facts for you! =)
*he sleeps through the nights almost always but does occasionally get up at 5. dread.
*he goes to bed at 6:45 and takes his nap sometime around 1.
*he answers every question with, "Yeah!"
*he loves to dance and really enjoys listening to music!
*his favorite foods are chicken, bananas, apples and grapes!
*he is in. to. everything. ahhhhhhhh so much baby-chasing!

Saturday Snippets (Too Tired For Anything Else!)

*so happy it's saturday! the first day in many days that my husband can just stay home!! yesterday was the beginning of president's weekend for us but he had to go out to Philly for his accompanist job--it was a super long afternoon because my house was full of people working on putting up our new bathroom and bedroom ceilings! yay!! 

also--longest. afternoon. stuck. home. ever. without. a. car. or. stroller. and. i. felt. lousy. gah. also. no. bathroom. doublegah. 

*also yesterday the kids gave me some devil bug and i was all weak and dizzy and weird feeling. i'm mostly back to normal today--aside from the weird sensation of completely plugged ears. oh well--i hear less crying this way! =)

*i had dreamed and hoped and planned that my counters were going to be done this weekend but that isn't the case. boo. hopefully soon (fingers crossed and knocking on wood!!)

*we took the kids to picture people to get their valentine pictures taken! better late than never! we got *one* good one--at least one is all you need! =)
i'll scan one later to post! =)

**that's it for now! it was a very very long week but we had lots of playdates with friends and that definitely helped! we are really looking forward to a few more playdates next week too! hopefully everyone stays healthy!!!

happy saturday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Days Are Blowing Away!

Has it been windy where you are?
So windy here the past few days--yesterday I had to go rescue our trashcans.
Urgh. Those ungrateful demons just blew away again after I saved them! 
So I had to save them again--behind a fence and they stayed put!
Yesterday was amazing and gorgeous--I jumped out of the van (we had to switch cars with my husbad--long story--so we didn't go anywhere just did a quick switcheroo) and threw the kids in the stroller for an impromptu stroll. It was gorgeous--the only problem was that I kept walking and realized that after I was far from home my boots were NOT made for walking. Gah. Limp limp shuffle all the way home. Next time I'm packing sneaks for a sunny day!
My Maeve was sick yesterday--fever, sad, tired, terrible.
Today she woke up perky and happy and normal and healed--I love it when that happens! But yesterday--I had to prop her up the in stroller as we strolled--it was sad. 
We laid low again today--Ezra had a well check--which he was mostly well for (just a little residual asthma from his cold which has passed). I'm so thankful my husband works so close and E's appt. was during his free period--the littles were giving me a run for my money at the doctors office! They kept us waiting soooooo long (45 minutes) and Ezra was NOT happy. Thank goodness he loves to be held by Daddy!!!
The Ezra Boy Update:
31 inches tall (I'll have to doublecheck--that seems too big now)
22 pounds 12 ounces
Cuteness: fully intact and growing exponentially
Anywho, my husband is still working his extra hours and I'm a big whiny baby. The extra time hasn't killed me yet--luckily it's just one more week. Yay!! And we have some playdates to look forward to so I'm sure it will fly!
Here's another V-day picture of the girls!
I love my Ezra boy too but he was so sick this weekend I didn't take any pictures of him! They get their official pictures this weekend and then I'll take my guy out for some cuteness documentation! =)
Happy Tuesday night!
I sure am looking forward to Friday--it's supposed to be 60!!!!

Because I Couldn't Pick Just One Valentine: Part Three! Amelie!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Because I Couldn't Pick Just One: Maeve Edition

Happy Valentine's Day!

The girls were so cute for me when I took their pictures yesterday that I couldn't pick just one or two to post. So I picked them all! Ha!
Happy Happy Valentine's day!
I'm so thankful for all of my little Valentines and their Daddy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Somedays And Saturdays Are Not What You Think They'll Be!

After our crash-course-in-evenings without Mr. Wonderful I was soooo looking forward to a big family day with nothing planned!
I even asked him last night, 
" don't have any practices tomorrow, right?"
"Nope." He said.
So I *thought* we were in the clear!
I had all these plans that I announced to him this morning and he told me we had better hurry up and fit them in since he had to leave by 2 for a music competition!
I take that back.
I feel better now! =)
So the day I had planned in my mind didn't happen! But lucky me, I still got to spend some time with three adorable little children, in our home.
But tomorrow--I'm fairly certain--we'll have *him* home all day for real!
And that, my friends, deserves a !Woot!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Weekend Is Here!!!

Well, we survived the first few nights of Mr. Wonderful's new job! Yay us! It is difficult for me to have him gone in the evenings when the children are wiiiiilllldddd but it's such a great opportunity for him and I've decided that it's going to be a great opportunity for us as a family to do something different!
So, for dinner we had our little friends over and played and talked and ate some delicious donuts for desert! =)
I hope to plan a few more dinner-time-playdates in the weeks to come to make these nights much more enjoyable! =)
Here's a picture of the little guys playing!
In other news I've been trying to learn "new tricks" in my old age and I've been incorporating 30 minutes of exercise in my usual 3 hour nap/read/clean slot. =) So far so good! I can't wait to get outside and get some fresh air instead of basement air during my exercise! =) Ha!
I'm so glad it's Friday night. Yay!
Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This & That: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
*Granny came over today for a few hours. Love her! I'm so thankful that she is always around when I need her and takes such good care of us! 
*I was able to talk to both of my parents on the phone today! I usually talk to my Mama but can't always catch my Dad! He was stuck home because of snow so it worked out well! =)
*My kids are cute. Stinkin' Cute. Love. Them!!!
* We had a great trip to the Discovery Museum the other day and I got to see my one of my favorite little blond-one-year-old-handsome-guy walk! Isn't it so fun to see your friends' babies reach milestones?!
*My husband got a new part time/temporary job and he's excited about it! He loves being able to work as an accompanist--he's amazing and I'm so happy for him even if I'll lose out on spending time with my favorite guy for a while!
*I finally got back out to Bible study this week! Ezra seems to be over his morning napping and I was so stinkin' happy to be there! I had to leave 5 minutes early to meet the Comcast guy but next week I expect to be back in full swing! =)
*New counters, ceilings and sink in t-minus 8ish days! 
*Here are some cute dresses from Mini Boden that I adore!:

The Bad:
*I was without internet for 24 hours. And I'm not one of those people who is smart enough to find the internet on her cell phone. So I languished. It's back now though! Woot! =)
*It's still stinkin' winter.
*I live in an ice cube. (At least it's a cute ice cube! =)
The Ugly:
*And in some seriously sad/bad/ugly news;
Some friends I grew up with lost their young, healthy father very unexpectedly. It fills me with grief to even think about losing a parent. Please pray for the Roberts family as three young women find themselves without a father, a beautiful woman without a husband and many grandchildren without a grandfather. =( 

He and his wife taught me Sunday School growing up--we spent many summers camping with them and I spent much time with their youngest daughter who was one of my best friends growing up. We'll miss you Uncle Tom!
Goodnight friends! Squeeze your loved ones tight!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today: Around The House

If you were here with me today you would see:
An extraordinarily clingy Ezra.
Everyday for the last two weeks.
Note the jean skirt I am wearing--don't be fooled--it is hiding yoga pants AND long underwear (best invention ever--thanks Ma!) two pairs of socks and my warm/ugly/Old Navy boots underneath!
Dishes drying on the rack instead of in my dishwasher.....
Hopefully the "situation" with our portable dishwasher will be remedied once our new sink/counters are installed this month!
Note also hideous counters and back splash.
Gah. Grunge Galore! (the nooks and crannies and crevices are impossible to get gunk free!)
The plants that were supposed to go in my newly revamped craft space--instead placed on the windowsill above my sink so I can "enjoy" them everyday while I'm scrubbing dishes! =)
The blue walls in my livingroom that I never really liked, am sick of and don't know what color to replace it with.
My favorite candle of the moment and lovely sunshine streaming through the windows.
Love sunshine! Now if only there were some warmth along with it! =)
Maeve's face when she watches Caillou (he's so whiny but my girls LOVE him!) =)
Yes, Ezra still thisclosetome, making sure I'm paying attention to his cuteness!
Cosmo the dog who is too cool to look directly at the camera!
I hope you've enjoyed your tour 'round the house!
Happy Tuesday!
p.s. I saw some snow flakes today! Boo! Spring will seem extra sweet this year!!