Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy President's Day! I used to *LOVE* President's Day/Week when I was in school in NY--they get a wholeeee week off to "celebrate!" 
Nothin's better than a week off in the middle of winter to recharge! Alas, in NJ we get a long weekend and my husband had to work 3/4 of it so Boo!

I *did* have my three babies home today so we went to the Children's museum and they completely exhausted me! Usually I only have two to chase there--chasing three was a new experience! Ha! We had fun though! I treated them to Happy Meals and tucked them in for naps and they slept like angels! Woot!

Our ceilings are still being worked on (we took down the drop ceilings and there is sheet rock being put up) so our upstairs is a complete disaster with all of our bedroom furniture and clothes split between the girls' and Ezra's rooms. Nightmare. Can't wait till it's over! Also, we're sleeping downstairs on the sofa since we are bed-less. Also not so much fun. =)

Anyways, I'm done complaining now!
It's supposed to snow tonight? I'm kind of ready for that to be over--so thankful that spring is on the way!
In other news--we had the kids' Valentine's Day pictures taken this weekend! It was a struggle to keep Ezra in the frame but we got a few cute ones! Yay!
That's it for now! I'm going to enjoy sitting with my husband since I haven't hardly seen him lately! 
Good night!

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