Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Days Are Blowing Away!

Has it been windy where you are?
So windy here the past few days--yesterday I had to go rescue our trashcans.
Urgh. Those ungrateful demons just blew away again after I saved them! 
So I had to save them again--behind a fence and they stayed put!
Yesterday was amazing and gorgeous--I jumped out of the van (we had to switch cars with my husbad--long story--so we didn't go anywhere just did a quick switcheroo) and threw the kids in the stroller for an impromptu stroll. It was gorgeous--the only problem was that I kept walking and realized that after I was far from home my boots were NOT made for walking. Gah. Limp limp shuffle all the way home. Next time I'm packing sneaks for a sunny day!
My Maeve was sick yesterday--fever, sad, tired, terrible.
Today she woke up perky and happy and normal and healed--I love it when that happens! But yesterday--I had to prop her up the in stroller as we strolled--it was sad. 
We laid low again today--Ezra had a well check--which he was mostly well for (just a little residual asthma from his cold which has passed). I'm so thankful my husband works so close and E's appt. was during his free period--the littles were giving me a run for my money at the doctors office! They kept us waiting soooooo long (45 minutes) and Ezra was NOT happy. Thank goodness he loves to be held by Daddy!!!
The Ezra Boy Update:
31 inches tall (I'll have to doublecheck--that seems too big now)
22 pounds 12 ounces
Cuteness: fully intact and growing exponentially
Anywho, my husband is still working his extra hours and I'm a big whiny baby. The extra time hasn't killed me yet--luckily it's just one more week. Yay!! And we have some playdates to look forward to so I'm sure it will fly!
Here's another V-day picture of the girls!
I love my Ezra boy too but he was so sick this weekend I didn't take any pictures of him! They get their official pictures this weekend and then I'll take my guy out for some cuteness documentation! =)
Happy Tuesday night!
I sure am looking forward to Friday--it's supposed to be 60!!!!

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