Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today: Around The House

If you were here with me today you would see:
An extraordinarily clingy Ezra.
Everyday for the last two weeks.
Note the jean skirt I am wearing--don't be fooled--it is hiding yoga pants AND long underwear (best invention ever--thanks Ma!) two pairs of socks and my warm/ugly/Old Navy boots underneath!
Dishes drying on the rack instead of in my dishwasher.....
Hopefully the "situation" with our portable dishwasher will be remedied once our new sink/counters are installed this month!
Note also hideous counters and back splash.
Gah. Grunge Galore! (the nooks and crannies and crevices are impossible to get gunk free!)
The plants that were supposed to go in my newly revamped craft space--instead placed on the windowsill above my sink so I can "enjoy" them everyday while I'm scrubbing dishes! =)
The blue walls in my livingroom that I never really liked, am sick of and don't know what color to replace it with.
My favorite candle of the moment and lovely sunshine streaming through the windows.
Love sunshine! Now if only there were some warmth along with it! =)
Maeve's face when she watches Caillou (he's so whiny but my girls LOVE him!) =)
Yes, Ezra still thisclosetome, making sure I'm paying attention to his cuteness!
Cosmo the dog who is too cool to look directly at the camera!
I hope you've enjoyed your tour 'round the house!
Happy Tuesday!
p.s. I saw some snow flakes today! Boo! Spring will seem extra sweet this year!! 


JerseyGranny said...

Love the tour...especially the Ezra and Maeve portion! And, yes...spring will be so much sweeter...when....it....gets....here! :)

Madre said...

The CNY family is gettin pretty snow-weary...not to mention that approximately 4 out of 6 of us are not feeling very well.
Oh Spring, wherefore art thou?