Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Goin' On

We've been having more construction on our house which is both a *YAY* and a *Eh*! =) 
It is so wonderful to be having great quality work done on things that you've been looking at and waiting to see *fixed* but also annoying to wrangle little ones in a construction zone! The kids have done great and Ezra is a pro at sleeping through hammering, banging, sawing etc. =)
My parents came to visit us on their way back from a short southern vacation! They got in yesterday and have been busy reading to and playing with the girls--they are so happy to have their Northern Grandparents here! 
(They are lucky kids with a bunch of wonderful grandparents! =). 
Anyways--this weekend Amelie lost her 5th tooth! It was all gross and loose--I was so happy I finally convinced her to let me get it out!  Love her!
Here's a picture of my Ezra guy who fell asleep in the exersaucer the other day--it was so sweet and funny! I couldn't believe how loud he was snoring! Love him!
And a picture of Maeve sitting with her Pop. Cuties! Love them!
So that's it! We're just busy wrangling little ones and dodging molding and sheet rock pieces and cleaning up odds and ends of projects. Can't wait till they are all done and things are peaceful and pretty! =) Mr. Wonderful is still busy working a lot of hours and so I'm extra thankful to have my parents here so that I'm not alone all the time! We're also going to celebrate my impending birthday--it'll be fun celebrating turning 25 again! =)
Happy Wednesday!


Breezy said...

HA! I am so glad you got a shot of the exersaucer nap!!!! Love that kid!!

Madre said...

We are so very thankful that we were able to spend a few days with our Favorite Daughter! We love you all so much and pray that God will direct you in every thing that you do....parenting, friendships, marriage, finances and most of all, bless you in your walk with HIM!