Friday, February 25, 2011

Our week has flown (even faster than normal!)! Between having my parents here and having construction for a few exhausting days it has been a blur! 
My parents ended up leaving late last night to avoid a large snow storm that was predicted for their area! Boo! Luckily there was a special Disney show at my husband's school (put on by him and his music team) to entertain us this morning!
We saw lots of our friends there and the cute cousin met us there too! Maeve had a great time while I got in my exercise for the day chasing Ezra! =)
Maeve's been on a Sleeping Beauty kick lately--although, I don't think she's figured out yet that Mommy shuts it off halfway through and restarts it (hello scary ending!! =). I loved that movie when I was younger.
Anyways, that's it! I laid the kids down extra early for nap because we have to pick up Amelie from school this afternoon! Mr. Wonderful has a performance tonight and one tomorrow and one  every day next week. Eh. We're almost to the end of the our suffering without him though! =)
Happy Friday!

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