Thursday, July 31, 2008

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Miracles happen everyday...{and not just at DisneyWorld}

Haybales to Highways Chapter 8: Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Dark Of Night!

So, the last installment of H2H left young Shelly in the lurch--stuck in Ohio for the summer without boyfriend or friends but the promise of impending engagement is enough to get a girl through a long summer of nothing but cornfields, crappy apartment dwelling and the GAP.

I would love to say that the day Mr. Wonderful left Ohio for Jersey wasn't horrible--but boy was it! No amount of hanging out together beforehand, talking about the departure or thinking about the departure could have prepared me for how utterly heartbroken and sad I was when I had to wave goodbye to my love! I watched him and his friend Josh load up the last of his belongings in a little U-haul and waved and smiled bravely as they pulled out of the driveway. I remember I went to a movie that night with some girls from church to pass the time but felt myself as if I were in a horrible, sad movie as I was mostly alone in Ohio for the rest of the summer.

I spent all of my time working--literally! I had three jobs, worked 7 days a week and had at least two jobs to go to every day. I worked on the weekends developing pictures at Target, at night folding clothes for the Gap and during the week I sat at a mall kiosk trying to get nurses to sign up for a temporary staffing place. The days were very long (12 hours a day at the mall--never again I say!) but I had some very kind roommates (albeit strangers until that summer) to come home to. I was also taking three classes that summer so that I could graduate early and get the heck out of Dodge and a few steps closer (or states) to my man.

I only saw Mr. Wonderful once that summer--we took a fun trip to Florida where I met his mother and we spent lots of time exploring and taking day trips and kissing when no one was looking =)

The fall came upon me before I could blink and started preparation for student teaching. I only had classes for about 2 hours a day and spent most of my time alone since all of my friends had a ton of classes AND their significant others to keep them busy. Looking back, it was the loneliest time of my life but I doubt I would have enjoyed being with my honey as much if everything had been easy.

I only saw Mr. Wonderful once during Fall Quarter and headed home for Christmas break which was more exciting than ever this year because Mr. Wonderful was going to come home with me for the holidays! Before he left I got the call--asking me all about my engagement ring specifications so I knew that he would propose over Christmas break but I wasn't exactly sure how or when it would all take place.

During my Christmas break my mother had gotten me a job working at her office building which was an hour south of our home--so, on the night that Mr. W came up from NJ I stayed after to hitch a ride home with him, show him the way...etc. Unfortunately, Mr. W was rudely acquainted with life in the hostile North when there was a horrific snow storm--he was supposed to be there to pick me up around 4 and I sat all alone on the 19th floor of the office building watching the hours click by....5.....6.....7....(this was before we had cell phones =) and finally finally at 7:30 he pulled up and we made our way home. I took over the driving so that he could rest from his wintery driving ordeal and the worst was yet to come! By the time we were about 20 minutes from my home we couldn't see out the front window--I literally drove by looking out my side window to make sure I was still on the actual road! We inched and crawled towards home and were just about there when we came to this HUGE hill that leads to my parent's house--I ended up putting the pedal to the metal and listening as we spun and sputtered up the entire hill--I distinctly remember screaming at Mr. W to "BE QUIET I"M TRYING TO GET US HOME ALIVE AND I CAN"T PROMISE I WILL IF YOU DON"T STOP TALKING!".

It was the first time I ever yelled at him...(unfortunately for him--not the last!).

We did make it home in once piece and saw the next morning why it was so difficult to drive his car--his tires were completely bald! NO TREAD AT ALL! Mr. W said, and I quote, "They are just clean!" My poor man has no clue about maintaining cars--but I'm sure that's just one of the many reasons God put us together!

We spent a few comfortable and happy days together in snowy central NY until Christmas Eve when he asked me to go on a walk with him. We drove a little ways away to Salmon River Falls--a very pretty waterfall that completely freezes in the winter--it really is lovely! He wanted to walk somewhere pretty so that he could pop the question--unfortunately all of that snow made walking almost impossible! The snow on the trial was WAIST high (I kid you not!) and we waded and trudged because Lord knows I was going to get engaged even if I had to hire a Sherpa to get the job done!

We arrived at the falls and Mr. W wasn't next to me so I turned around and he was on his knee in the snow (at least I think he was, it was impossible to see knees at this point) and he told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I squealed yes and promptly a huge drop of snow landed on our heads.

Isn't it romantic?

We trudged back to the car and headed back home so that I could share my news and start making plans. And by plans I mean everything except for the venue, date and dress--all of which my mother and I had set, purchased and paid for BEFORE the big proposal. We sure had a lot of faith in My Mr. Wonderful--well placed faith, I might add!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hot Dogs: It's what's NOT for dinner!

Today I was at my in-law's house watching their mondo-amazing hd tv (with hd cable if you must know...) and was happy to catch one of my all time favorite shows from the days when WE actually had cable--How It's Made. Love it! Anyways, they were showing how hot dogs were made--and it's not like I eat hot dogs all the time--but I will eat them occasionally or cook them once in a while for A (Hoffman hotdogs my NY'ers?!!) but NEVER AGAIN! If you could see what that stuff looked like before it became a hot dog you would die. Literally. Ugh, misc. meat leftovers, lots of water, corn syrup, grinding machines, weird vats and mixers--I really thought I was going to lose it when they focused in on the MEAT PASTE used to form the hot dogs. Oy and Disgusto! Do yourself a favor, if you plan to eat hotdogs in the future don't watch the program featuring them! AHHHHHHH!

Smee Cards Make Me Smile

I was reading my friend Rachel's blog today (go check it out--she is a rockin' fashionista) and she picked up on a challenge that her friend posted to describe yourself in "amazingly unflattering ways" with Smee cards--and holy crap, this website is so super funny--if you have a few minutes to kill go take a look at the hilarity.

Here are the 5 that I came up with:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Praying People Pray

I've been reading a blog for about a year about a family with kiddos similar in age to my girls plus a few more--right now Mck Mama is pregnant with her 4th kiddo who is in heart failure in the womb--go head over there and read her story and pray for her and her family--for God's peace and strength and for a miracle for her little one (and we've seen miracles before!)

Reduce Reuse Recycle

The first step is admitting you have a problem...

Hello, my name is Shelly and I don't recycle.


I know, it's horrible right?

I know I should recycle but I'm lazy and that's been as good a reason as any not to.

But I've seen the light.

I'm mending my ways (and I've got the extra bin under my sink to prove it).

I'm officially a recycler

and a reuser

and a reducer.

So-get thee behind me laziness and overflowing landfills!

Excuse me, I have to go separate my glass from my tins or my cans from my bottles or...

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mystery of Genetics

What's the deal with my girl and her tan tan tan legs?
We go outside together!
She wears sunscreen on her legs and I don't!
How come I'm just starting to turn off-white after all the summer sun we've soaked up and she's a dark nut brown?
Sometimes life and genetics just aren't fair.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


* doesn't like the phrase, "All things being equal,' (for absolutely no good reason)

* has never had red velvet cake--i think it looks like a bloody cake carcass.

* see's a man at the bus stop every morning practicing his tai chi

* is preparing for D-Day (August 1 baby)

* wants to build a third bedroom in the apartment for the early rising baby

* loves the christmas tree shop and want's to have its baby (seriously, i went in for one tiny thing, spent $10 and found enough to redecorate my entire house--absolutely amazingggg)

* still wants to go blond

* is listening to Mr. Wonderful talk to the tv (i.e. he thinks the Phillies can hear him)

the end =)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekly Rhymey Reader

Monday-- Such a day, I can't recall what we did, though I'm sure twas a ball!
Tuesday-- Said no to a job, sick to my stomach all day, i still can't believe it--maybe i will someday...
Wednesday--We went to the park, (didn't we girls?) a nice day for friends and delicious pizza was served.
Thursday--Dr's appt for little Mavis B, doctor said "no" to breast milk and really confused me!
Friday--Swimming time with Brie and girls--perfect weather, so fun together!
Saturday--Early morning shopping trip, and then I thought I'd blog a bit--A's taking her first fishing trip today with Granny and Pop pop to a lake or a bay--Next week will bring VBS--(our first VBS experience)--I'm sure twill be fun and fabulous too--my dear friend's A's teacher--which makes Mama feel good.
My weekly rhymey reader is done--time for a nap for Mavis Beacon!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Already Been Cuddled

I just got a sweet sweet deal on a "used" single jogging stroller! I've been looking for one for a while and they are hard to find and just as expensive as double strollers! Ahh! I wanted a single jogger for those early mornings with M while A is still sleeping! We were driving by a consignment shop when I spotted it and found this one for less than half the price of a new one and it's obviously NEVER BEEN USED! It still has all those special spiky tire treds and the seat looks as if it's never been sat upon.

Ah...good things. Good things indeed!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

9 Month Appt Starring: Mavis Beacon Featuring: Cow's Milk v. Breast Milk and The No-More-Pictures-Please-Pout

This is the face M wears to tell me she's tired of pictures.
Too bad for her that her "i'm all done with pictures" face is just as cute as her smiley face!
M had her 9 month check up today--and yes we get shots
--don't even get me started on how silly I think it is not to--
and M got all weighed and measured (H-26 in, 10th%, W-17 lbs 10th%) when the Dr. started talking about how M hadn't gained much weight (only 1 pound in three months! yikes!) and that I should start her on cow's milk--whole milk--and substitute that for breastmilk.
Um, WHAT?!?
Human milk for human babies please!
I findly it highly DOUBTFUL that cow's milk is any healthier or better for my baby than breastmilk--M is thriving in every way, and is still at a healthy weight for her height and isn't acting hungry or anything so I will def. not be changing her to whole milk--anyone ever heard of such nonsense before? I've never heard anything good about starting a baby on dairy products before the age of 1--and the Dr. was pushing yogurt, milk, and cheese hardcore--I just found it all very odd. I guess some research is in order but just thought I would share--and you know, I love to share!

Home Improvement

Can you believe that this sweet little upside down toddler is capable of throwing a whining fit that could peel paint off the walls? No? You can't? Well, alright then....anyone know a good painter?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These are a few of my favorite places...

1. They're always *One Step Ahead* of me...
I was browsing the new One Step Ahead catalog...
Seriously, those guys are really excellent at coming up with things that I didn't know I need like the new play yard slipcover--most excellent idea!
(I wouldn't have asked for a new one when M was born if only I had known....)
And while I don't think I'll be splurging on the baby knee pads or helmets (for safety while crawling and learning to walk of course) their site always has some fun must have for me!

2. How About Orange is a website full of fun project ideas and crafty problem solving. I could spend hours at these sites making plans which eventually lead to me making not much else.

3. 30 Handmade Days This is my new FAVORITE website--seriously, I want to make everything this chick posts--I would need to get a part time job just to pay for craft supplies though so for now, I'll sit and think about it all =)
4. House on Hill Road My third and final crafting blogsite--I don't do much crafting in my spare time but looking at blogs like these always inspire me to create more, which is a good thing.
5. A Quiet Life If you're a follower of the Pioneer Woman like I am then you'll recognize Miss Booshay from her photography post contributions on that site. She takes beautiful pictures and is so positive and sweet--I love reading her blog and looking at all of the pictures of her most beautiful daughters.
6. Now, if you're in to digital scrapping or just USING digital scrap odds and ends for blog design (like me!) then you'll love Scrapping With Ikea Goddess She posts tons of free digital kits and templates--rock on!
7. I love connecting with my peeps. Nuf Said =)
So check out some fun new blogs and live creatively--it's the way to be.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saying A Lot Without Saying A Word A.K.A. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I love this picture of my babies--it speaks so much to their personality--
I love how Mavis Beacon is all serious and gazing at the camera serenely while Princess Rosebud is swinging with reckless abandon in the background.
My heart is full of *joy*
What a lucky Mama am I.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Scramble

1. I still haven't made a decision about my job--I am completely utterly irrevocably undecided. What don't you tell me what to do b/c I am at a loss!!

2. I distrust men in Capri pants--seriously, what's the deal with that? I mean, if a man is going to wear capri pants he may as well throw on a 3/4 sleeve boatneck top--just sayin'

3. Speaking of men, what's the deal with the short men who have really big muscles? Short men, big muscles--it's just not right--it's all just a little unbalanced and lop-sided.

4. I will officially be perfectly happy once my husband is completely done with his master's degree--just don't hold me to it.

5. A and I have decided that we need to have 2 baby boys--or baby Beacons as A says.

6. I have the busiest friends in the world =(

7. And again, just so the world knows--just because we may not agree with each other--or just beacuse you come across someone in the world who doesn't agree with you--it doesn't mean they are judging you--seriously, we're all allowed to have our own opinions--just not about Jesus.

Ah, Monday is coming! Another day closer to a visit from my Floridian Mother in Law (Granny of the South)--Lord Help Us All!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Plague Upon Your House(s)!!!

Since they are English I thought I'd send them a Shakespearean era threat.
Oy Vey Wiggles!
You make me want to cut my ears off with rusty scissors.

Pet Peeves: No I Didn't, Yes I Did, What? A.K.A. I heard it through the grapevine and didn't read it in any way shape or form on your blog

Do you blog?
Well, you know that I do...I love blogging so much I have three of them!
Do you know what really peeves me about blogging?
What really flips my switches and gets my goat and puts flys in my honey is when I'm talking with someone--either a friend, or relative (who has never once left a comment on my blog)--casually drops a comment or a question in real life about something we've done or I've said without admitting that they read my blog even though there is no way on earth they ever could have found out UNLESS they read my blog!
You know, like,
Person Who Shall Remain Nameless (PWSRN): "So how did you like the children's museum?"
Me: "I never mentioned the children's mus.--how did you know we went?"
PWSRN: "Well, you have kids so I just assumed you went to the children's mus. and assumed that you might like it if you did."
Does this ever happen to anyone else?
I think, obviously you are reading my blog--and btw--I love nothing more than the fact that people read my blog so sharing this with me would be GOOD news--but I have come across so many people who have accidentally let slip something they read on my blog and then back track as if to say, i-know-you-have-a-blog-but-i-don't-really-read-it-peruse-it-really-and-this-question-is-purely-based-on-guesstimation-and-intuition.
I love my blog reader--I'd sing it from the rooftop if I had one of my own--I just love my blog readers more when they don't pretend not to read my blog =)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Special of the Day

1. My new favorite book--just wait till you see what I created from the ugliest t shirt I've ever been in possession of =)

2. And if you have time, click here and read a sad tale.

3. It's hot out.

that is all.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pros and Cons: Taking a New Job Version

extra $$$
3 mile commute
good/short hours
i love teaching
extra $$$
excellent program with caring teachers, low turnover
the program is a "blank slate" for me to write on
extra $$$

steve might have to leave work a few minutes early every day or we'd have to find someome to come to our house watch the girls for a few minutes each day
we'd get to see each other for 30 seconds between our jobs
less time with the girls
the program is brand new and would require a lot of prep time
no paid or unpaid sick or personal days
at risk students = challenging/mean etc.
nothing to work with (until orders arrive in october probably)
no sink (who ever heard of an art room with no sink?!?)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If you've ever doubted that God was in control--now's the time to be convinced otherwise...

As most of my closest friends now, I had a job interview today!
For some "strange" reason over the weekend I became increasingly panicked convinced that I needed a job.
I sat in front of the computer and searched through career builder, found two jobs immediately that were perfect and sent out my applications on Monday (even though I had already missed the application deadlines).
Tuesday I got called in for an interview for today!
I was so nervous alllll morning--couldn't eat, couldn't focus--stressed! I haven't had a real interview EVER! My first job all I did was sit down with the head teacher who thought I was so nice that she convinced the principal to hire me on the spot even though I was completely ill-qualified, my second real job the principal sought me out and offered me the job and asked merely,
"How much money do you want?'
I was so nervous today! (did I say that already?)
I had Mr. Wonderful come home early so that I could prepare, get the perfect outfit (a brown dress with killer accessories if you must know)....drove to the school (only 3 miles away) early and sat and waited...
and waited....
My heart was beating furiously! I was watching the seconds tick by and dying in that seat!
I knew I was perfect for the job--teaching art to at risk students--I've already done it! teaching from 3-:5:30 every day--which fits perfectly with my husband's teaching schedule so no babysitters required, or maybe, only a sitter for an hour sometimes, $40 an hour--it would be worth it for me to work for that much! We're not talking peanuts here people!
On the way out the door I was searching for paper to write down some questions on and I couldn't find anything! AHHHHH!
Just as I was about to go insane I remember that when I reorganized the toys two weeks ago that I had found an old journal--I found it easily on the bookshelf and took off. I am, still nervous--fast heart beating, sweating, dying in the chair, When I open the journal and found this written inside:
"When I feel alone or doubtful"
Does He who made the ear not hear?
Does He who formed the eye not see?
Does he who teaches man lack knowledge?
Unless the Lord had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death. When I said, "My foot is slipping."
Your love, O Lord, supported me.
When anxiety was great within me your consolation brought joy to my soul."
Psalms 94:9,10, 17-19
I only wrote a couple of entries in the journal all the way when I moved to New Jersey with S to get married! I wrote about all my fears and worries about looking for a job but also about all the peace I had that I was in the right place (at that time, sitting at BHS subbing for teachers!)
Let me tell you, reading through these verses 10 times really did the trick.
I was calm.
I had peace.
I walked in, answered their questions, convinced them I knew what I was doing, it went really well!
The principal had that look in his know, that look, like he wanted me to work for him! He actually worked for Arch*** where I got my start and even though my application had been sent in late he liked my experience and wanted to meet me. He said I knew exactly the type of approach he wanted a teacher to take with his students. He wanted to show me the classroom.
It was exactly like walking into Arch*** all those years ago--walking into a woodshop that would be converted to a classroom. No supplies. Nothing to work with. No tables, nothin!
BUT a budget, new computers and tables and A.C. on the way.
He sat me down and told me that he didn't want to play games and that I was perfect for the job, and that he had two names he was going to give the superintendant but that he was going to throw them away and only give him my name because I was perfect for the job.
God is good.
I'm fearful.
I don't know if I'm ready to start my own program again and go through that first year feeling again and leave my babies (I KNOW it's only two hours a day...but...) and all those other "what if's".
But I knew that when I sat in the conference room and opened that journal and read that verse that I was exactly, at this moment, EXACTLY where I was supposed to be.
God has a plan and I am right in the middle of it.
Glory be to God!
Now if only I could make a decision with peace--lot's of praying to do tonight!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here a Moo! There a Moo! Everywhere a MUMU!

The other day I was walking through Target, with anniversary money in hand, and happened upon the cutest little summer dress in the pattern you see to the left. I loved it and just grabbed one in my size, didn't try it on and shoved in the cart with the rest of my Target-loot and assorted children. That night my husband wanted to go out for ice cream so I figured it was the perfect time to try on my new summer dress! I ripped the tags off threw it on...

When Lo!

and Behold!

I had unwittingly bought



Who knew you could find a mumu in the junior's section at Target?

How on earth could something so cute on a hanger be so large and billowy and weird shaped on a human body?!?

It's a mystery I'll oneday solve but until then me and my mumu will not part---for I've learned a valuable lesson through all of this--

Mumu's are comfortable.

The end.

p.s. too bad I didn't see the dress on the model--not looking good on a skinny chick is never a good indication to buy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

They'll never work in this town again!

Those anti-sister-shot girls of mine!
They're modeling jobs are going to dry up if they keep pulling photo shoots like this.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wonder-full Web-stravaganza

The *W's*

We had a very nice time with our W family! We picnic-ed, swam, ate sand (Miss M did anyways), played kickball and pushed A on the swings. I'm so thankful for our Jersey family and so happy that we all were able to get together and catch up! We're also excited about the newest "W" appearing sometime early next year! Yay for cousins!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly Rhymey Reader

Monday-- rain rain go away--we just lunched with Dad today
Tuesday--our first park play date in quite some time, we enjoyed it so much and had a smashing time!
Wednesday--impromptu nursery date with friends--found a free preschool for A to attend!
Thursday-2 mile walk to park to play--near death experience along the way...
Friday--our lovely friends asked us to swim--we can't wait to join them again!
Saturday--A picnic planned for the whole "W" clan, can't wait to swim and dig in the sand!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Near Death Experience Numero Dos A.K.A. My Times Are In HIS Hands

I took the girls on a walk this morning to the park and made plans to lunch with Mr. Wonderful. We followed our usual route but on the way saw some strange things
--a gaggle of police cars and an ambulance outside one residence,
firetrucks racing out of the fire station as we passed,
a house with a gas leak...
just a lot going on for one morning in this sleepy town. After lunch with Mr. W we headed back home and had only walked about a block when I heard a loud
I looked directly across the street from us and a LARGE power line had snapped and was draped across the entire sidewalk directly across the street! It stretched nearly a block and was laying on cars and bikes and trashcans--exactly where we would have been if I had crossed the street like I normally do.
It was strange because there was no wind, it's a nice warm but not boiling day--no limbs had snapped--NOTHIN!
It made me take a deep breath and say a prayer of thanks to God for keeping us safe--cherish every single moment today and every day that you are blessed with...cause you never know what's around the corner...or just down the sidewalk!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

**SCORE** One for the Mama

I just found out that there is **FREE** preschool a few days a week for a short time during the fall and spring! Woot! I thought A might enjoy going somewhere for some slightly structured type learning but our town doesn't have traditional preschool and my husband's school doesn't have free preschool so I was beyond excited when I found out about this! I looked around at different preschools and they were all 2 or 3 hours a day and I just wasn't ready to lose out on my big-girl's company for that much time each day. Our town's highschool teaches a child development class where they take care of 3 - 5 yo kiddos as their class work! I think A will love it--especially if some of her little friends join! Yay! Just thought I'd share =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Awkward Moments Define My Life: I can never go back to Wegmans Again...or at least, never again on a Tuesday morning around 10:30

Ah! Another awkward moments of my life--brought to you by A--I tell ya, she's just the gift that keeps on giving! And of course it had to happen at my favorite place of all time, my haven, my early morning coffee drinking lazy shopping without children or husband world--my Wegmans!

We had an early morning playdate today but I HAD to pick up a few necessities and so headed out to Weggie's early this morning before our playdate (so that we could have a nice relaxing nap filled afternoon of course!). I woke Mavis up from her morning nap a little early, packed up the girls and headed out. It usually takes me about 7 minutes to get to W's but today of course, I got every weird traffic light and stuck behind every strange slow old person and it took about 20 minutes to get there! I dashed into the store and quickly got all of my items including my favorite Wegman's splurge--a chicken Cesar salad--DELISH!

We made it to the check out in record time and I started placing our items on the conveyor belt when A said, "oops Mommy! It's ok..." And I looked and saw she had "accidentally" opened the salad and dumped it's contents all over the inside of our cart, her clothes and the floor in the check out lane.....URgh...

Luckily there was a manager nearby who helped me scoop up the remains and he was able to call for a cleanup on "Aisle 2!" It wouldn't have been too bad except for the whole time I was scooping lettuce up he was yelling, "Everyone! Look out for the CROUTONS!!!!"


I chucked all my items back into my cart, including the strange floor salad and high-tailed it out of there to go BACK and get a NEW salad b/c after all this stress I NEEDED a new salad b/c they are so delicious I just couldn't face the rest of the day without one. So, I went back and tried to hide the floor salad but the employee who made the salad saw me so I pretended to be rearranging my cart and went and asked for a new salad to which he responded....

"Oh, I'm glad you came back. Come as often as you like to get a salad from me--I encourage it!"

So now, not only did I have a floor salad, I also had an employee who thought I was hitting on him by coming back for another salad!


I went back through the store again this time to hide the floor salad but there were so many people at W's that I had a hard time finding a good "hiding" spot....I eventually picked the baby food aisle--I know, this makes me a horrible person but I just couldn't face anyone else with my floor salad and I was not going to pay $6 for it!

We did eventually make it out of the store with an intact salad and boy, am I glad I went back b/c it was delicious and almost made me forget about how annoying and embarrassing it was to procure it....Seriously, am I the only person that this stuff happens to??!?

Sigh...and to top it all off--there was no toddler napping today so it's pretty much been the longest day ever....but they are all sleepiong peacefully now so there is a silver lining to this rain cloud =)

The End.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Friends In French Places

The babies and I were just watching a new Dora video we absconded from the library and it features Dora's French Friend--Amelie.
Just thought I'd share =)

Near Death Experience Numero Uno

In my younger years I had a serious sweet tooth-
-the kind of serious sweet tooth that required constant sugar consumption in the specific forms of: pixy stix, fun dip, tootsie rolls, and especially gum of any kind.
{I can't even begin to imagine how much of my hard earned allowance money was spent on candy--it would boggle the mind to know!}
Nothing really killed my love affair with all things sweet until I had to have two root canals
-(and after spending $3000 to fix your teeth--tooth rotting treats lose their appeal)-
Not even my near death experience with gum was enough to assuage my sugary snack intake.
It all happened when I was in the neighborhood of 7 years old and was sporting a major chain-chewing gum problem.
I'm not sure of the exact turn of events but I was chewing a few large pieces of gum and suddenly started to choke!
This was before the days of 911 so my Mom called the doctor and I remember specifically that I was rolling around on the yellow tile floor of our bathroom, unable to breathe, having a panic attack while the nurse instructed my Mom to tell me to,
Um, sure, let me get right on that relaxing thing while I can't breathe...
yeah, GREAT advice!
This was also before the days of the Heimlich maneuver so I was in a heap of trouble!
So, I continued to roll around on the ground unable to breathe while my Mom continued to stay on the phone
(you know, the ones with the 20 foot long cord b/c it was before cordless phones)
saying, "Just relax Michelle. Just relax."
And then, I don't know what happened, but probably my guardian angel knocked that gum loose and miraculously I was able to breathe again.
Or maybe it was the thrashing, it definitely wasn't because I "relaxed" in any way
--but whatever it was, I'm thankful it happened and that I'm here to tell you about it today.

I'm also seriously thankful that my eulogy didn't include anything about a girl choking to death on Hubba Bubba.
Because that's just plain embarrassing.
Well, now you know about the first time I almost saw the light =)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just *Don't* Do It

Don't eat here. Seriously. Just don't. Even if a student gives your husband a sizeable gift card and the food is free and all you have to do is drive there to pick it up don't do it. Don't go. Bleck. Eek. Barf. Gag.
The End.

Redecoration Situation

I just redecorated my bathroom in a slightly over
the top, romantic, dramatic, extravagant palette (to reflect my favorite sensibilities of course) and was incredulous that anyone could call this a toothbrush holder. Obviously this "toothbrush holder" was never invented to actually hold a toothbrush but to sit on your vanity looking pretty. Maybe I could shove washcloths in the holes...any ideas? Anyway, back to the drawing board!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Camping Extravaganza A.K.A. Badger Attack A.K.A. Noah's Flood's Got Nothin' On This A.K.A. I only took 6 pitiful pictures of the whole too short event

We're back from camping! Yay!
It was *wonderful* event to be sure but was cut unfortunately short due to downpours! Bleck!
We headed up to Lancaster Thursday night and set up our tents and got cooking on the open fire and tasted our first hobo pies (pizza style). Luckily one of the few pictures I took was of Sarah eating the hobo pie that my husband made--yes, it really IS black and she really was just hungry enough to get it that way =)

Judah and A invented some fun chasing games and got along delightfully well! Besides chasing each other they had a ball playing at the indoor water park which I can't believe I forgot my camera for--fun times! Mr. Wonderful even tricked me into going on the waterslide even though I am terrified of them (another story for another day) and even though Mavis was completely terrified of the water we eventually got her to splash her feet in it.

The babies all turned into bed around 9 and (our generous friends let us use the large tent with enough room for a pack and play! that made things much easier) and the babies slept well (even if the adults spent the night listening to fireworks and roosters crowing =-). A and Judah had so much fun together--they really were perfect for camping! M isn't quite ready to be loving the camping life but I think next year she'll definitely be more enthused (the fact that she's getting 3 teeth right now didn't help much--not to mention that it isn't fun to crawl twigs and leaves ).
We had planned to stay all day Friday and spend time at the countless outdoor activities at the campground--but it started raining in the early morning hours and just got heavier and heavier and more and more depressing. We decided to pack everything up b/c there wasn't much use in hanging around all day being wet =( So, it was sad that we had to leave early but I'm really glad we tried it and would love to do it again, I think I'll just check the weather report more carefully next time! ha!
While Mr. Wonderful and our friends were packing up all the tents--I sat in the car with the babies and tried to entertain them. I'm pretty sure I got the short end of the stick on that one =) Here is a picture of A and Judah entertaining each other.
Here's a picture of M and I wet and sticky and thrilled about being in the car.
So, the rain put a damper on our day but it was still a good thing and I can't wait to do it again real soon.
I would like to get a written statement from the scary badger who was rummaging in our food shelter that he won't be back next time I go. It can really age a girl to come back from a nice shower at 5 in the morning, all ready to settle down with a chocolate donut, pepsi and a trashy celeb magazine when all of the sudden a huge dog sized forest dwelling creature comes crashing out of said food tent with a hot dog roll in it's mouth. I probably won't ever be the same and my hair will probably always be just a little curlier from standing on end...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We're going camping now we're on our way....

we're gonna climb up a mountain and jump and skip and play!
Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


goofy pictures of me and my babies make me smile.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Urgh Stupid Ebay--Our love affair has ended

Seriously, do not sell your items on Ebay b/c they have recently come up with the "clever" idea that a seller cannot leave negative feedback for a buyer--even though the buyer may still leave negative feedback.
So say you have a buyer who won one of your auctions and then decides they don't want it after they've won and they ask if they can just pretend they never won the auction and you say "no" b/c bidding is the equivalent of a contract on ebay and so they go ahead and pay for the item and then leave negative feedback that you wouldn't let them "unbuy" the item just to screw you over and when you write ebay and tell them what happened they say--"oh sorry, there is nothing we can do to help you" and your feedback is forever marred b/c an evil vindictive person is out there in the world.
It is unfair and wrong.
The moral of the story is--do not sell on ebay.
Just stick to buying.
Or, maybe, just give it up all together.
The End.


I love going home.

Part of the reason I love it so much is the view from my Parent's home--you can look in any directions and only see trees, meadows and...well, that's pretty much it!

As soon as I stumbled out of the car I laid down on the front lawn and buried my nose in the grass.

I miss the smell of the country.

I listened to the birds and crickets and bull frogs.

I miss the sound of the country.

It's in my blood and it's so hard to live without but I am thankful that I at least get to go back once in a while to soak it all in.....

So, until next time--here's a few pictures---one from each direction---of what's around my home.