Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Scramble

1. I still haven't made a decision about my job--I am completely utterly irrevocably undecided. What don't you tell me what to do b/c I am at a loss!!

2. I distrust men in Capri pants--seriously, what's the deal with that? I mean, if a man is going to wear capri pants he may as well throw on a 3/4 sleeve boatneck top--just sayin'

3. Speaking of men, what's the deal with the short men who have really big muscles? Short men, big muscles--it's just not right--it's all just a little unbalanced and lop-sided.

4. I will officially be perfectly happy once my husband is completely done with his master's degree--just don't hold me to it.

5. A and I have decided that we need to have 2 baby boys--or baby Beacons as A says.

6. I have the busiest friends in the world =(

7. And again, just so the world knows--just because we may not agree with each other--or just beacuse you come across someone in the world who doesn't agree with you--it doesn't mean they are judging you--seriously, we're all allowed to have our own opinions--just not about Jesus.

Ah, Monday is coming! Another day closer to a visit from my Floridian Mother in Law (Granny of the South)--Lord Help Us All!


Megan & Company said...

Funny on most accounts!

Work- Mostly I think this: You've got a great opportunity to use your degree. I miss using mine and am pretty psyched that I may get to put it to use this winter/spring subbing, if Leah day-weans a bit. If you can swing it without drastically alternating your kid's lives, I think you're doing the right thing seriously considering it. If it means we'd see you less, don't. ;)

We've got family stuff on Monday, but other than that, I'm freeeeee! I have to do a day at church doing VBS prep, so we could definitely do a nursery playdate, at least.

Baby boys are fabulous and they grow up to be a heap of loud and fun! Have a bunch of 'em. I'll live vicariously and share all my boy clothes.

Men in capri pants. Hm. 'Nuff said.

Ree said...

You will do what is best. Just keep praying on it!
Where in carnation did you see a man in capris????
I totally agree with the short man big muscles issue!! They seem to just waddle around with their arms bent out like 2 cup handles!! I think they do it BECAUSE they are so short!!
Baby boys are fun, although they aren't as fun to dress as girls are, they are true blessings!! I myself have been BLESSED with 2!!

Maybe one day soon, possibly Tuesday, we can use my family's pool. If ya want!!

SarahV said...

i think you should take the job and definitely have some boys. they're a whole lot-o-fun!!!!

Emily said...

"Just not about Jesus" LOL LOL LOLOLOL This struck me as hilarious for some reason. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm still laughing.

cherryt7 said...

It was WONDERFUL coming across you last night... I haven't had time to puruse (I don't think that's spelled right) your sites but look forward to doing so... You are hilarious and I thoroughly agree with multiple issues...
Men in capris... come on. (I was in Macy's not too long ago with my mom and they make a SUIT that's shorts/capris... come one, buy a suit not that!!!)
I don't like the Wiggles... pass the rusty scissors please!!!
I definitely think every family needs a boy... they change your life and clutch your heart :O)

Schwan's is too good. After seeing your blog on weight loss it almost inspired to me to be so bold. I too need to lose, ummmm, more than I care to admit but at least 40... two years ago I worked with a lady adn through a lot of hard work, healthy eating, and excersize was able to lose 20... it's just depressing to think that I need to lose twice that much. Oh well, I really must get serious about it...

I'll check in with you later, I've bookmarked your sites so I can keep up. (I am so glad that we've connect again... did I already say that???)

charmed1 said...

A man in capris? I'm thinking he is probably a little funny if you know what I mean. That's just not right. Capris are for women - period. I know some short guys with big muscles - they have to make up for the lack of height somehow :)

You are the only one that can decide what to do about your job. You just have to sit down and think and really weigh your options.

2 boys sounds nice. I want one more boy. Then I think I'll stop :)

Have fun with the in-law :)

Sheri said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, not sure what to tell you about the job, but I bet either way you'll be ok....What does Mr W think? ( real helpful huh?)

2 more boys?????? I think you should borrow mine first:)!!!!!! ha ha.....or at least go for 1 then see..........:) but what do I know, some people say that girls can be just as or more active/difficult.....Honestly, I just don't see it though....maybe I'm never around the right ones:)ha ha.......

Have fun with your company!!!:)

Madre said...

you already have RAISED two boys....are you sure you are up to that again? (ha ha)

Madre said...

seriously.....boys ARE wonderful.....but daughters have a place in a momma's heart that is indescribable (sp?)