Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Plague Upon Your House(s)!!!

Since they are English I thought I'd send them a Shakespearean era threat.
Oy Vey Wiggles!
You make me want to cut my ears off with rusty scissors.


Megan & Company said...


they're Aussie. ;)

And, yes, I agree. They make my head explode.

charmed1 said...

My theory - they are really the Teletubbies minus the costumes! With or without the costumes they deserve a beat down. I hate this show!

Madre said...

I have NEVER heard anything so funny, shell...."cutting off my ears with rusty scissors" I may have to use that quote someday lol!
Since I have never heard of wiggles.....I have nothing to comment about them! But I will trust your review of them !

Ree said...

I agree!! I don't even put them on! Them and those dreaded Teletubbies!!