Sunday, July 27, 2008


* doesn't like the phrase, "All things being equal,' (for absolutely no good reason)

* has never had red velvet cake--i think it looks like a bloody cake carcass.

* see's a man at the bus stop every morning practicing his tai chi

* is preparing for D-Day (August 1 baby)

* wants to build a third bedroom in the apartment for the early rising baby

* loves the christmas tree shop and want's to have its baby (seriously, i went in for one tiny thing, spent $10 and found enough to redecorate my entire house--absolutely amazingggg)

* still wants to go blond

* is listening to Mr. Wonderful talk to the tv (i.e. he thinks the Phillies can hear him)

the end =)


Ree said...

I've NEVER had Red Velvet Cake either!
That GUY sounds frightening!!
D-Day...what is Aug.1??

Megan & Company said...

I'm with you on the cake. Too red if you ask me.

Aug 1?

Shelly said...

MIL from FL

BluSkies80 said...

oh michelle-i finally get aug. 1-you're too funny!

never had a red velvet cake either.

oh-dan does the same thing with the phillies and yankees. if they're losing i try to stay away=)

Sarah said...

sure hope she doesn't read blogs! =)

cherryt7 said...

Did you Steel Magnolias today? It was on and the grooms cake is the red velvet armadillo... YUCK! Hey, I meant to comment earlier... you drew your headline picture didn't you?!? If you did, you make me sick and EXTREMELY envious/jealous... I don't feel like thinking to figure out which.

Megan & Company said...


SarahV said...

you and your funny lists. oh, and if you need a place to stay, say around the 1st of aug, my place is available :)

charmed1 said...

I must be the only one that loves red velvet cake. Try it! It's delicious!

If you want to go blonde then do it! What's holding you back?

I talk to the tv all the time during football season. Must be something that we sports fanatics do :)