Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Praying People Pray

I've been reading a blog for about a year about a family with kiddos similar in age to my girls plus a few more--right now Mck Mama is pregnant with her 4th kiddo who is in heart failure in the womb--go head over there and read her story and pray for her and her family--for God's peace and strength and for a miracle for her little one (and we've seen miracles before!)


BluSkies80 said...

i think that i have come across this blog before, probably through your site. anyway, very sad story-will def. be praying for them at this time and a miracle that we know only God can give them. what an awesome attitude she has though and knows that God is good!

MckMama said...

Thank you, thank you, Shelly.

Melody said...

Mck Mama left a comment on my blog a few weeks back, and I've been checking in our her site ever since then. I didn't read it over the weekend, and was shocked at the turn events when I got caught up on Monday. Yes, we do know that our God IS a God of miracles!!!! I am claiming one for their family.

Hilary said...

I just want to say thank you for praying for my sister and Stellan. I am truly blessed by all the support and prayers she and my nephew are receiving!
So, thank you for spreading the word on your blog and for being a support during this time.
God Bless,