Thursday, July 24, 2008

9 Month Appt Starring: Mavis Beacon Featuring: Cow's Milk v. Breast Milk and The No-More-Pictures-Please-Pout

This is the face M wears to tell me she's tired of pictures.
Too bad for her that her "i'm all done with pictures" face is just as cute as her smiley face!
M had her 9 month check up today--and yes we get shots
--don't even get me started on how silly I think it is not to--
and M got all weighed and measured (H-26 in, 10th%, W-17 lbs 10th%) when the Dr. started talking about how M hadn't gained much weight (only 1 pound in three months! yikes!) and that I should start her on cow's milk--whole milk--and substitute that for breastmilk.
Um, WHAT?!?
Human milk for human babies please!
I findly it highly DOUBTFUL that cow's milk is any healthier or better for my baby than breastmilk--M is thriving in every way, and is still at a healthy weight for her height and isn't acting hungry or anything so I will def. not be changing her to whole milk--anyone ever heard of such nonsense before? I've never heard anything good about starting a baby on dairy products before the age of 1--and the Dr. was pushing yogurt, milk, and cheese hardcore--I just found it all very odd. I guess some research is in order but just thought I would share--and you know, I love to share!


Risha said...

Ooohh! Don't even get me started on all this. You may remember that I had the same issue with Isabelle around this time, and actually, she gained less than 2 pounds from 6m to 9m. I hate that doctors try to make parents feel like their kids aren't doing well simply because they're not keeping up with the general baby population in terms of growth rate. Frankly, given the high incidence of obseity these days, I'm glad to have my daughter be behind the curve. And, like MB, she is thriving in every way! She has a ravenous appetite for very healthy foods, is extremely active, etc. When she was weighed last month, she was just barely over 20 pounds. Her 15m checkup is Monday, so we'll see where she's at now. I certainly feel like she's getting heavier!

And you are right- cow's milk cannot be superior to breastmilk when it comes to nourishing a human baby! It's meant to nourish a baby cow that has a significantly faster growth pattern than humans. I blame this dairy push on the big dairy industry, but I'm kind of fanatical when it comes to that!

MB (and A) looks great! I love your pictures!

Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

i've never heard of starting a baby on cow's milk before a year. that surprises me! i think i'd do exactly as you are. i'd not give up breastfeeding. God knew what He was doing when He planned that one!! keep up the good work! your girls are adorable and it's obvious you're a great mommy!

Devin said...

1. Yes, I have heard this nonsense before as well. Two of my sons fall WAY behind the curve (never have broken the 15% in their lives) and they try to push this on me as well.

2. Yes, I think is as just as stupid. To quote a very smart source....human milk for human babies please. :-)

3. Don't these doctors, who are supposedly sooooo smart, realize that we get AVERAGES for a reason? Some babies are bigger, and SOME are smaller. That's just the way it is. It's weird, even with me--I'm 5' and my hubby is 5'5"--they don't take our size into consideration when pointing out that our children are small. So, I am always the one pointing out (when they say, so he seems to be small for his age) "Uh, (and I want to say, DUH--) well, I'm small, and so is my husband, so....we're probably NOT going to have very big babies.

4. Then, I point out that they are thriving in every other way, and politely listen to the jabber....and leave and keep doing exactly what I am doing.

Research is always good--it's important to stay informed. But, on this one, Mom's opinion about breastmilk is a good one, I believe.

Ree said...

You really can not go by weight gain by itself!! At 6 months Shea was up to 22 lbs. That was on breast milk and some formula (she didn't take much of that, though). From then on she didn't gain an ounce until 15-16 monthish. She was active, healthy and ate well! (Still is/does, but now she is thin but not skinny. She looks healthy!!) She grew length wise, as well. If a child isn't gaining weight along with no or slow height growth along with being lethargic, etc., then it would be 'failure to thrive'! I worked in a peds office for 5 years and I've seen my share of 'FTT'!! MB is certainly NOT in that category!!
BTW, I started her on cow's milk at 1 yr. and that was only because she wasn't getting enough breast-wise and did not like the formula!!

Anonymous said...

I had two babies both breast fed, the first weighed 15lbs at a year, her brother weighed 15lbs at 3 months!!!

Fast forward a few years, they are both happy healthy teenagers, the "weakling" is 5'6" tall, her brother is 6' 3".

Go with your instincts x

Love your humour - found your site via Nate

A Jersey Girl said...

I was a "bottle feeder" myself, but I had a incident at my daughters last appointment(3 yr well)about her bottle. The doctor told me that she could not have it anymore. I asked why and first she said it was bad for her teeth. I said, we were just at the dentist yesterday and he told her it was fine, her teeth were good and there was no need to take it away. So, the doctor told me to switch her to a sippy cup because it was more socially acceptable. Then I laughed at her and said that I was not raising my kids based on what was socially acceptable.

Sometimes I think they talk before they think it through. They are only human:)


Pamela said...

What a load of crap! Honestly, if my doctor ever said something like this to me, I'd fire her. Because she works for you. My youngest, HB, is 20 months old, and still breastfeeds...we'll stop at two, if not sooner, we're not those weird nursing the 6 year old people...and only in the last month has developed a taste for cow's milk.

Go with your gut. You know how to parent your children better than anyone else. And that is that.

But, as for the yogurt, it's a different kind of dairy than milk and cheese, way more easy to digest, and we made our babies' cereal with it, and they liked the cereal better with the yogurt than without.

Madre said...

I may not have a MEDICAL DEGREE, but I say she's perfect! Whatever happened to the days, when "they" said breastmilk only for like the first year. Seriously, I think "they" change the rules regarding the proper/most healthy way to raise children about every FIVE minutes !

Shelly said...

ooo--yogurt and cereal--maybe i'll try that with her!

Shelly said...

oh--socially acceptable is the LAST thing on a toddler's mind! i can't believe your doctor said that! wow! ha! that sounds like a comment from someone who has never had kids!

cherryt7 said...

I have heard of adding yogurt... in fact we used that (VERY LITTLE) a month ago when Sohpia had thrush... YES!!! It does clear up thrush :O) No $25 copay and no medicine to buy... isn't that wonderful!!!

Megan & Company said...

1)You are right, the doctor is wrong and there is tons of scientific based research to back you up. Breastfed babies should be measured using the WHO growth chart for BREASTFED children, not a formula fed chart. World of difference.

2) Yogurt is ok, like previous commenter suggested. There is a protein in milk that is hard for some babies to digest that is not present in yogurt. I recently introduced yogurt to Leah and she likes it.

3) Vaccinations, I'll respectfully agree to disagree with you dear friend. I will assert that our decision to be selective and delay wasn't silly, but based on hours of research and consultation with several professionals. I feel confident we did the right thing for Leah and Josh when I found out our pediatrician selects and delays, on a near identical schedule.

Shelly said...

3) i never said that anyone who didn't partake of vaccines wasn't doing the right thing--i think the whole not taking vac. thing is over blown but that's just my opinion--not an attack on anyone--and an opinion is not a judgement--just an opinion (and most of my good friends have many opinions on many subjects-it's what makes friendships interesting and worth having).

charmed1 said...

My kids go to the same pediatrician that I went to and with none of them did they ever suggest starting them on whole milk or anything else before the age of 1. Never heard of such a thing!

As far as the vacs go I definitely get all of them for the kids. They're important for them and have to have them before they go to school.

Lastly - I LOVE that picture! She is so adorable! :)

Megan & Company said...

Fear not.. didn't see it as an attack nor did I take it as anything other than your opinion. The 'silly' stood out, is all. And, I've just arrived at a differing opinion. Different strokes and such.

charmed1-actually, kids can be in any public (or private) school without some/all vaccinations. State laws vary, but a parent's right to selectively, decline or delay vax is protected to some degree, in all states and definitely in ours.

Melody said...

Vaccinations are such a touchy subject. We have chosen the delay/selective route. One commenter mentioned that you have to be vacinated to go to school. That's actually not true, you can sign a wavier and the school has to honor your rights as the child's parent.
I have some friends that vaccinate and some that don't. One thing I have decided since becoming a parent, is that being a Mama is such a hard job, and there are so many different ways to do it. Your way or my way, right way or wrong way, or just plain different Mamas gotta stick together!!!!