Thursday, July 10, 2008

Near Death Experience Numero Dos A.K.A. My Times Are In HIS Hands

I took the girls on a walk this morning to the park and made plans to lunch with Mr. Wonderful. We followed our usual route but on the way saw some strange things
--a gaggle of police cars and an ambulance outside one residence,
firetrucks racing out of the fire station as we passed,
a house with a gas leak...
just a lot going on for one morning in this sleepy town. After lunch with Mr. W we headed back home and had only walked about a block when I heard a loud
I looked directly across the street from us and a LARGE power line had snapped and was draped across the entire sidewalk directly across the street! It stretched nearly a block and was laying on cars and bikes and trashcans--exactly where we would have been if I had crossed the street like I normally do.
It was strange because there was no wind, it's a nice warm but not boiling day--no limbs had snapped--NOTHIN!
It made me take a deep breath and say a prayer of thanks to God for keeping us safe--cherish every single moment today and every day that you are blessed with...cause you never know what's around the corner...or just down the sidewalk!


Madre said...

I am so thankful for the Lord's protection and the fact that He watches over His children!

Julie said...

I have learned to thank God for every unwanted red light, lost shoe, misplaced keys....He is good, ALL the time!

A Jersey Girl said...

That's crazy stuff! Glad you crossed the street:)


charmed1 said...

It's amazing what the "what if's" can mean sometimes. Glad you guys are safe :)

Ree said...

Glad you are safe and sound!!!