Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These are a few of my favorite places...

1. They're always *One Step Ahead* of me...
I was browsing the new One Step Ahead catalog...
Seriously, those guys are really excellent at coming up with things that I didn't know I need like the new play yard slipcover--most excellent idea!
(I wouldn't have asked for a new one when M was born if only I had known....)
And while I don't think I'll be splurging on the baby knee pads or helmets (for safety while crawling and learning to walk of course) their site always has some fun must have for me!

2. How About Orange is a website full of fun project ideas and crafty problem solving. I could spend hours at these sites making plans which eventually lead to me making not much else.

3. 30 Handmade Days This is my new FAVORITE website--seriously, I want to make everything this chick posts--I would need to get a part time job just to pay for craft supplies though so for now, I'll sit and think about it all =)
4. House on Hill Road My third and final crafting blogsite--I don't do much crafting in my spare time but looking at blogs like these always inspire me to create more, which is a good thing.
5. A Quiet Life If you're a follower of the Pioneer Woman like I am then you'll recognize Miss Booshay from her photography post contributions on that site. She takes beautiful pictures and is so positive and sweet--I love reading her blog and looking at all of the pictures of her most beautiful daughters.
6. Now, if you're in to digital scrapping or just USING digital scrap odds and ends for blog design (like me!) then you'll love Scrapping With Ikea Goddess She posts tons of free digital kits and templates--rock on!
7. I love connecting with my peeps. Nuf Said =)
So check out some fun new blogs and live creatively--it's the way to be.


Julie said...

Oh great, now I have even more places that I'll want to check out for ideas...which I generally don't get done because I'm online checking out ideas. It's a vicious circle I tell ya!

SarahV said...

those are some fun sites. now i want to cover my cabinets. oh man.

Emily said...

We had a good laugh at those One Step Ahead helmets once we realized they weren't for children who have endured open brain surgery or something like that. WHO puts one of those on their kid?