Friday, July 11, 2008

Weekly Rhymey Reader

Monday-- rain rain go away--we just lunched with Dad today
Tuesday--our first park play date in quite some time, we enjoyed it so much and had a smashing time!
Wednesday--impromptu nursery date with friends--found a free preschool for A to attend!
Thursday-2 mile walk to park to play--near death experience along the way...
Friday--our lovely friends asked us to swim--we can't wait to join them again!
Saturday--A picnic planned for the whole "W" clan, can't wait to swim and dig in the sand!

Happy Weekend!


Sheri said...

sounds like a great week to me! Love the poem:)

charmed1 said...

You're such a good poet! You should write a book! :)

Madre said...

so happy to hear
your week was great
my dear