Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Awkward Moments Define My Life: I can never go back to Wegmans Again...or at least, never again on a Tuesday morning around 10:30

Ah! Another awkward moments of my life--brought to you by A--I tell ya, she's just the gift that keeps on giving! And of course it had to happen at my favorite place of all time, my haven, my early morning coffee drinking lazy shopping without children or husband world--my Wegmans!

We had an early morning playdate today but I HAD to pick up a few necessities and so headed out to Weggie's early this morning before our playdate (so that we could have a nice relaxing nap filled afternoon of course!). I woke Mavis up from her morning nap a little early, packed up the girls and headed out. It usually takes me about 7 minutes to get to W's but today of course, I got every weird traffic light and stuck behind every strange slow old person and it took about 20 minutes to get there! I dashed into the store and quickly got all of my items including my favorite Wegman's splurge--a chicken Cesar salad--DELISH!

We made it to the check out in record time and I started placing our items on the conveyor belt when A said, "oops Mommy! It's ok..." And I looked and saw she had "accidentally" opened the salad and dumped it's contents all over the inside of our cart, her clothes and the floor in the check out lane.....URgh...

Luckily there was a manager nearby who helped me scoop up the remains and he was able to call for a cleanup on "Aisle 2!" It wouldn't have been too bad except for the whole time I was scooping lettuce up he was yelling, "Everyone! Look out for the CROUTONS!!!!"


I chucked all my items back into my cart, including the strange floor salad and high-tailed it out of there to go BACK and get a NEW salad b/c after all this stress I NEEDED a new salad b/c they are so delicious I just couldn't face the rest of the day without one. So, I went back and tried to hide the floor salad but the employee who made the salad saw me so I pretended to be rearranging my cart and went and asked for a new salad to which he responded....

"Oh, I'm glad you came back. Come as often as you like to get a salad from me--I encourage it!"

So now, not only did I have a floor salad, I also had an employee who thought I was hitting on him by coming back for another salad!


I went back through the store again this time to hide the floor salad but there were so many people at W's that I had a hard time finding a good "hiding" spot....I eventually picked the baby food aisle--I know, this makes me a horrible person but I just couldn't face anyone else with my floor salad and I was not going to pay $6 for it!

We did eventually make it out of the store with an intact salad and boy, am I glad I went back b/c it was delicious and almost made me forget about how annoying and embarrassing it was to procure it....Seriously, am I the only person that this stuff happens to??!?

Sigh...and to top it all off--there was no toddler napping today so it's pretty much been the longest day ever....but they are all sleepiong peacefully now so there is a silver lining to this rain cloud =)

The End.


Madre said...

oh the joys of the "oops" that come our way....I am glad you did find a silver lining for your afternoon.

charmed1 said...

What a day! If it were me I would've left the salad with the manager :) I think we've all had days like that so don't feel too bad :)

Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

too funny! no, you're not the only one these things happen to. it happened to me just last week, except mine (sammy's!!!) were blueberries that rolled everywhere! mercy! i turned every shade of red!! oh well! at least we have funny stories to tell them and their spouses someday to embarrass them as much as they've embarrassed us! ;)

SarahV said...

i like that she said "it's okay!" and no, this stuff doesn't only happen to you, unfortunately. i have too many grocery store stories to count....