Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shelly's Snippets

* I'm feeling much better about life now that we're closer to settled in our home--there are still many little projects (including the fact that my husband and I have been sleeping in the living room due to the fact that our stinkin' box spring didn't fit up the stairs!!!) but most of the big-need-to-do-it-right-now stuff is done.
* I'm going to announce that it's officially Fall-there's def. a chill in the air and I"ve made a few stops to my favorite coffee house. I kinda like it (although, I miss the ease of our summer schedule).
* The girls have adjusted PERFECTLY to our new house. I am blown away--I thought they would be stressed but they're very happy, sleeping well, etc.
* Amelie loves school--she's doing well and making lots of friends--I'm so happy for her! It's awesome!!!
* My husband is cute. Muah honey!
* The nursery still isn't done but I look forward to working on it in the coming days--I'm not thrilled with the paint color I picked but it will have to do for now as I'm officially SICK of painting!!
* 4 WEEKS LEFT!! Can't wait to meet you baby Ezra!!
Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Home Is Sweet

This morning I woke up happy, content and almost fully moved in our new home.
I'm so glad to be here and that I'm still pregnant (but I'll likely only be glad about that for a few more weeks =).
Praise God we're in--I'm so thankful to be here.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad Blogger

Oh. My.
This week has been
My precious husband has been at the "new" house for hours and hours every night for days--his head hasn't hit the pillow before 1:30 am for the last WEEK! He is exhausted but doing such an amazing job refinishing our floors and getting our home ready!
I was able to paint a few rooms and somehow wore myself out to the point where I had a major asthma attack. I don't generally have problems with asthma as I've mostly outgrown it. It really has knocked me out. I went to my general doctor who way under-prescribed me and then to my OB who was ready to send me straight to the hospital. I convinced her that I needed to wait to go until my Mother got in from NY (she heard my cough once and packed her bags to head down!). My OB prescribed new, stronger meds. for me and they really did the trick which is wonderful b/c I"M FREAKING MOVING PEOPLE!!! Ahhhhhhh!
So I avoided the hospital but now my nebulizer is my best friend and constant companion. Eh.
By the way:
So. Many. Boxes.
I was super overwhelmed, discouraged, sick, overwhelmed, discouraged,, you get the picture...
Having my Mom here has really helped and even though I'm still having "moments" where everything feels all piled up we're hanging in there.
We've had lots of help and one dear lady from our church even stayed until 12:30 in the morning painting my kitchen walls--talk about a servant's heart!!
This has been such a humbling, dreadful, growing, learning experience. I'm so thankful to have a truly supportive family.
Ok. That's it. Time to relax and maybe pack one more box.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Happy Happy Birthday Madre and Padre!!
God bless you both in the year to come! So thankful that you both were born today!
Oh, and rest up--because I've got a longgggg list of house-related projects for you this weekend =)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shelly Has:

*paint between her toes, on her cheek, on her legs and arms, on her skirt (yes, i paint in skirts--just cause it's who i am) and in her hair.
* hard.wood.floors. (and a porch full of 30 year old carpet to prove it)
* 1 fully painted room, 1 3/4 painted room and 1 1/4 painted room. mini-woot.
*a beautiful backyard courtesy of my father and hours and hours of back breaking-bamboo removing work!
* a clean (ugly) bathroom
* a super messy apartment
* boxes boxes everywhere and not a spot to pack
* husband withdrawal--we're on opposite schedules so that someone can always be with the girls!
* to go! Happy Sunday Night!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Better Late Than Never (Which Is, Most Likely, The New Theme Of My Life) Amelie's First Day Of Preschool!!!!

P.S. No child was coached during this photoshoot--Mommy repeatedly said, "Honey, can you try to stand normal?" and Amelie replied, "But I'm standing CUTE!" =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amelie Says, "Boys are weird because..."

"Mama, boys are weird because they have flat hair, garbage eyes and monster teeth."
Just thought I'd share that gem wit' ya =)

Shelly is...

* 34 weeks pregnant. Woot.
* looking forward to baby but not to labor.
* so happy that Amelie loves school.
* so annoyed that our settlement was delayed a day and hoping that it's only delayed ONE day.
* sad that Maeve is so sad that Amelie is at school. She tried to line up with big sister and then fell on the floor in hysterics when she realized she couldn't follow her to class! And now she's wandering around heartbroken and pitiful. Hopefully she adjusts before she has some other BIG adjustments to contend with. Eh.
* praying. Especially for my dear Aunt who may or may not be facing something scary health- wise, my sweet Sister In Law and Nephew-on-the-way as he has an unresolved kidney issue, and our moving situation as it adds stress to everything and everyone in my home.
* thankful that God is good all the time, even when He's confusing and even when we don't know what His plans are.
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Our schedule has been jam-packed lately!
We had very full days this weekend and have many more busy days to come!
Yesterday we had church in the morning, transported Amelie to a very fun dress up party and instead of a nap (boo!) I attended Amelie's pre-school open house!
The open house was like a "let your child get acquainted with their classroom day" but I felt badly having Amels fore-go a smashing party to attend a school function. =)

So the open house went well--it's a lovely little school and her classroom was picture-perfect! I was dreading going b/c I am soooo not the "mixer" type. It's difficult for me to not be quiet/shy/etc but the other Moms were very outgoing/friendly so it wasn't terrible. =)
So, Amelie starts today and she's very excited! I pray that she stays excited about school--especially since we have so much coming up!
Tomorrow we make settlement on our house!
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Mr. Wonderful will be GONE at camp with his high school students (BOO!!).
Saturday my parents are coming down and we're going to work on the house!
(Anyone wanna come refinish floors and paint with us? =)
Next week will be full of house-work, more boxes, moving etc.
We have lots to be excited about and I'm just praying that the Lord gives us all the strength we need to get the job done.
Especially the pregnant lady.
Cause I'm tired.
And pregnant.
And really starting to feel "it."
Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Corn Maze! (Part 2)

The corn maze was super fun-well, fun for everyone except the tired pregnant lady who hadn't anticipated quite so many adventures! =)
Amelie was our fearless leader!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family Fun Day; Alternately Titled: The Cutest Cousins In The Land At The Farm! (Part 1)

What a fun morning we had!
Granny of the East treated our little family, as well as Aunt Micayla and Cousin Ryleigh to a day at the farm!!
The main event? Meeting Curious George!! Amelie was thrilled---Maeve, not. so. much. =)
A head shot of our precious little Wonderfuls!
Cute Cousin Number 1 (expressing her photogenic qualities)!

Cute Cousin Number 2 (expressing her Independence)!

(See--she smiled a little bit!)

Cousin Number 3: With the cutest pigtails and blue eyes ev-ah!

The girls spent time feeding the animals!

And were all taken care of by Granny!

And for good measure, a picture of my Mr. Wonderful.

I love him.

The W girls on the hayride!!

We also got to pick apples and pumpkins and tour the corn maze!
Then we spent time playing at the fun n' fabulous playground and ate a delicious lunch!
Woot! I'm worn out just remembering it--but it was a lovely and fun-filled day!
Thank you Granny (and Pop who we wished could have been there!!)!
More pictures tomorrow...cause I can't keep all of their cuteness to myself!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shelly's Snippets

* All of the sudden it feels like Fall this week (and I like it!!). Open-window-low-humidity weather is my absolute fav!!
* I put Amelie in her 4t pants/l/s shirt for the park this morning only to discover that 4t is no longer her size (hello high-waters!! and mid-rif baring shirts!!) ACK! Guess we need to make a trip to Target to visit their $4 play-clothes section!!
* Maeve's favorite word is "no." ('nuf said)
* She's going to be 2 in a little over a month !!!
* She's going to be a BIG sister in a little over a month !!!!!!!
* Why does it take soooo long to bake french fries? (asked the hungry pregnant lady)
* Misses Mr. Wonderful when he's at work. He's my favorite.
* Preschool starts in 5 days!!
* Settlement is in 6 days!!
(I'm tired just thinking about it. )

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Amelie Says

"Hey Mother!"
(pronounced Mudder)
"I just learned something! Kids have FUR!!"
Displays legs and arms.
I tried explaining the difference between hair and fur, but apparently, hair is not as cool as fur so in case you're wondering--Amelie has fur--NOT hair on her body. =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week In Review: Playing Catch UP

What a busy week we've had!
We soaked up the last few days of summer and enjoyed, loved and cherished the beautiful, low-humidity weather! It was like heaven for this pregnant lady!
We spent many days playing at the park, swimming and having adventures!
It was perfect =)
I know I'm going backwards but that's the way the pictures uploaded and I'm lazy so I'm going with it =) Yesterday we went to Storybook Land which was, like, my favorite place ever!!!
We had SUCH a wonderful time--the weather and the girls were perfect! It is the cutest little amusement park in South Jersey (for the preschool set) and we loved every second we spent there!

Granny of the East treated us all to such a fun day--THANK YOU Granny!
Here's a picture of the Weber girls! (Aunt Micayla and Ryleigh were there too!)
We also spent some time swimming! We're soooo sad that the pool will be closing this weekend but the sadness was tempered by the fact that the water is STINKIN' FREEZING!!!
I think it was like 50 degrees in the pool even though it was 80 out of it =)
The girls played until they turned blue and I tried to capture a few moments since I've been the laziest photographer ever this summer!
The swimsuit Maeve is wearing was Amelie's--it's going to be hard to part with! I might have to try for another girl someday just so I can see its cuteness again!!

Amelie was like a little fishy this summer! She loves "practicing her big girl moves."
We also made it out to the zoo again this week with friends!
Aren't they cuties? It was perfect zoo-visiting weather!

I only took three pictures--lazypregnantladysyndrome--so I only got one of Maeve and Miss Leah's back! These little ladies will be 2 next month!!!! Let's have a moment of silence to contemplate that fact...
What a lovely week! I'll miss you summer! I'm not ready for the Fall and all that it entails for the Wonderful household. In fact, I'm anxious, overwhelmed, excited, scared, thrilled and terrified all at once. We're in one-day-at-a-time-mode now!
Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Because I Need A Break From Packing

So...I've started to throw things in boxes.
I feel weird about it.
I feel like until we have the keys to our house in our hot little hands that I shouldn't do anything...but the planner/organizer/list-maker in me can't help but do it!
*sigh....I don't like feeling weird about things.
We went to the pool today and though it was lovely outside the water was
The girls had blue lips in a manner of minutes and spent most of their time running around the grass so we packed up early. It was a little sad--I'm not really ready for summer to end as our Fall is going to be extremely busy.
(understatement of the year!)
And then something happens that puts every little thing I'm going through into perspective and makes it all seem small.
Please pray for our friends, the *S* family, as they found out they lost their little one on the way today.
(there is nothing more painful than the loss of a little one!!)
My heart is broken for them.
Every blessed minute we've been given is such a gift that we ought to celebrate what we have
all. the. time.
because you never know when it might be gone.
I'm going to go count my blessings now...and pack a few more boxes while I'm at it.
Good night!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Difference Between My Children

Amelie Poses For Pictures.
Maeve Tries To Figure Out How To Eat The "Props"!!