Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shelly is...

* 34 weeks pregnant. Woot.
* looking forward to baby but not to labor.
* so happy that Amelie loves school.
* so annoyed that our settlement was delayed a day and hoping that it's only delayed ONE day.
* sad that Maeve is so sad that Amelie is at school. She tried to line up with big sister and then fell on the floor in hysterics when she realized she couldn't follow her to class! And now she's wandering around heartbroken and pitiful. Hopefully she adjusts before she has some other BIG adjustments to contend with. Eh.
* praying. Especially for my dear Aunt who may or may not be facing something scary health- wise, my sweet Sister In Law and Nephew-on-the-way as he has an unresolved kidney issue, and our moving situation as it adds stress to everything and everyone in my home.
* thankful that God is good all the time, even when He's confusing and even when we don't know what His plans are.
Happy Wednesday!

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Madre said...

I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning with all the same concerns on my mind. Even though it was kind of early, I was so thankful to have time in the word. So many things to pray about (and try not to worry about). In my devotions (Phil 4: 6-7) I was struck by the difference between "nothing" and "everything".
God tells us to be anxious about nothing and
to pray about everything. How I need God's help to have that kind of child-like faith. I need to keep praising Him for His love and faithfulness.