Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shelly's Snippets

* All of the sudden it feels like Fall this week (and I like it!!). Open-window-low-humidity weather is my absolute fav!!
* I put Amelie in her 4t pants/l/s shirt for the park this morning only to discover that 4t is no longer her size (hello high-waters!! and mid-rif baring shirts!!) ACK! Guess we need to make a trip to Target to visit their $4 play-clothes section!!
* Maeve's favorite word is "no." ('nuf said)
* She's going to be 2 in a little over a month !!!
* She's going to be a BIG sister in a little over a month !!!!!!!
* Why does it take soooo long to bake french fries? (asked the hungry pregnant lady)
* Misses Mr. Wonderful when he's at work. He's my favorite.
* Preschool starts in 5 days!!
* Settlement is in 6 days!!
(I'm tired just thinking about it. )

Happy Wednesday!!

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~Dawn~ said...

Lots of luck to you all for a wonderful settlement day and many new memories in YOUR NEW HOME! We just settled a week ago last Monday and it was quick and painless. Definitely not a million papers to sign, but nonetheless - a lot. Praying for a smooth transaction for you as well. The walk through is a bit emotional but getting the keys in your hand is moreso. Enjoy!