Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shelly Has:

*paint between her toes, on her cheek, on her legs and arms, on her skirt (yes, i paint in skirts--just cause it's who i am) and in her hair.
* hard.wood.floors. (and a porch full of 30 year old carpet to prove it)
* 1 fully painted room, 1 3/4 painted room and 1 1/4 painted room. mini-woot.
*a beautiful backyard courtesy of my father and hours and hours of back breaking-bamboo removing work!
* a clean (ugly) bathroom
* a super messy apartment
* boxes boxes everywhere and not a spot to pack
* husband withdrawal--we're on opposite schedules so that someone can always be with the girls!
* to go! Happy Sunday Night!

1 comment:

SarahV said...

sounds like you're blowing right through your to-do list! i've heard bamboo is a pain in the arse to get out. go mr. a!!! and i'm sure w/ your awesome decorating skills you will turn the ugly bathroom into a beautiful one!! wow, there's a lot of exclamation points in this comment...