Monday, September 14, 2009


Our schedule has been jam-packed lately!
We had very full days this weekend and have many more busy days to come!
Yesterday we had church in the morning, transported Amelie to a very fun dress up party and instead of a nap (boo!) I attended Amelie's pre-school open house!
The open house was like a "let your child get acquainted with their classroom day" but I felt badly having Amels fore-go a smashing party to attend a school function. =)

So the open house went well--it's a lovely little school and her classroom was picture-perfect! I was dreading going b/c I am soooo not the "mixer" type. It's difficult for me to not be quiet/shy/etc but the other Moms were very outgoing/friendly so it wasn't terrible. =)
So, Amelie starts today and she's very excited! I pray that she stays excited about school--especially since we have so much coming up!
Tomorrow we make settlement on our house!
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Mr. Wonderful will be GONE at camp with his high school students (BOO!!).
Saturday my parents are coming down and we're going to work on the house!
(Anyone wanna come refinish floors and paint with us? =)
Next week will be full of house-work, more boxes, moving etc.
We have lots to be excited about and I'm just praying that the Lord gives us all the strength we need to get the job done.
Especially the pregnant lady.
Cause I'm tired.
And pregnant.
And really starting to feel "it."
Happy Monday!


BluSkies80 said...

I'm sure that Amelie will do great with school! The hardest part for us is getting up and ready but I think that Amelie will do great since she's an early riser!

Remember Dan is coming Sat. afternoon to help finish floors? Hang in there, it's going to to be crazy for ya but before ya know it you'll be all settled in your new place!

Micayla said...

We are willing to help you guys out with whatever you need done to the house. Just give us a time and place and we'll be there :-)

~Dawn~ said...

Best Wishes in your new WONDERFUL home! Such a great feeling leaving that table with the keys. Much happiness to you!