Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad Blogger

Oh. My.
This week has been
My precious husband has been at the "new" house for hours and hours every night for days--his head hasn't hit the pillow before 1:30 am for the last WEEK! He is exhausted but doing such an amazing job refinishing our floors and getting our home ready!
I was able to paint a few rooms and somehow wore myself out to the point where I had a major asthma attack. I don't generally have problems with asthma as I've mostly outgrown it. It really has knocked me out. I went to my general doctor who way under-prescribed me and then to my OB who was ready to send me straight to the hospital. I convinced her that I needed to wait to go until my Mother got in from NY (she heard my cough once and packed her bags to head down!). My OB prescribed new, stronger meds. for me and they really did the trick which is wonderful b/c I"M FREAKING MOVING PEOPLE!!! Ahhhhhhh!
So I avoided the hospital but now my nebulizer is my best friend and constant companion. Eh.
By the way:
So. Many. Boxes.
I was super overwhelmed, discouraged, sick, overwhelmed, discouraged,, you get the picture...
Having my Mom here has really helped and even though I'm still having "moments" where everything feels all piled up we're hanging in there.
We've had lots of help and one dear lady from our church even stayed until 12:30 in the morning painting my kitchen walls--talk about a servant's heart!!
This has been such a humbling, dreadful, growing, learning experience. I'm so thankful to have a truly supportive family.
Ok. That's it. Time to relax and maybe pack one more box.


Pamela said...

Oh, mama! Take it easy. We don't want Mr. Ezra to come too early. And I am pretty sure I won't get your little gifty done before you move, so I'll let you know when I'm ready for your *NEW* address.

Devin said...

I'm so glad that, amidst the chaos, you have good people who are helping you! This kind of stuff can be overwhelming when you are NOT sick or tired or pregnant, let alone when you are! Praying for you friend. This will all be behind you soon, and you'll be in that new Wonderful house with good memories of the journey that got you there!

Madre said...

TAKE CARE!! That is an order....and.....I love YOU!