Monday, November 30, 2009

Better Late Than Never Part 2: Halloween Girls!

While I was recovering from Baby E, Mr. Wonderful took the girls to picture people to get their Halloween pictures done! Cuties!

Better Late Than Never Part 1: Amelie's Pre-K Picture

I was sure this picture was going to be weird since I wasn't there to supervise--I shoulda had more faith--she looks gorgeous =)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

To My One And Only *Son* On The Occasion Of *One Month* Of You!

Sweet Boy,
A month ago,
(the fastest month ever)
at this time of night, I was sitting and thinking and wondering,
" that a contraction?"
(In case you're wondering, it was.)
4 weeks ago I finally met you! You were hanging out for farrr too long and I was just a-dyin' on the vine to see your face. I was certain you would never come.
Seriously. Quite certain.
But then there was you and I've never been the same
(mostly b/c of the horrible labor I've endured and will never let you forget about,
but also because of how wonderful you are).
I'm mother to a son and I am so thankful that God sent you to be a part of our family.
There is nothing more satisfying than rocking you at night and praying for you in the wee hours;
there is nothing more amazing than seeing you smile and holding you close;
there is nothing more exciting than to see how much your sisters and Daddy love you already.
Amelie says every day to me--"Mama, I'm so thankful for brother! I can't believe we have the cutest baby!"
Maeve mostly just pokes you in the eye....but she also kisses you on the forehead frequently--which is meaningful because she doesn't willingly kiss anyone else. =)
One of the first times Daddy held you in his arms he lifted you up and proclaimed,
"Ezra! My firstborn son! You shall save the people from their ugliness!"
And I just about died. He's funny and kind and selfless and full of love--
I hope you grow up to be just like him.
And more importantly I hope you grow up to be just like Jesus and that we teach you enough about Him that you want to.
I hope you know forever that you are loved and cherished.
That we are thankful for you.
And that no. matter. what. you are exactly what you are supposed to be because God made you exactly the way He wanted you to be.
You are amazing and delightful. I can't wait to see who you turn in to.
We love you precious little lamb forever and always!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!! {{Two Days Late))

What a whirl-wind of a Thanksgiving weekend!
Wednesday I was suffering from extreme ear just wasn't sure if I could make the drive back home for our annual Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration.
And...after much debate Thursday morning I finally decided that since the car was packed and my heart longed to be home that we would just power through the big drive!
Our drive went super well, the roads were empty and the kids were fantastic! We arrived just in time for turkey dinner with my parents and brothers, my sister in law and my new nephew Ethan! Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of everyone ( my hands seem to be much more full now-a-days) but here's a picture of my family and my brother's family!
We had a lovely short visit--with a family gathering on Friday and an early morning pack up and drive today! Ahhhh--I'm getting too old for fast travelling =)
So--better late than never--my list of thanks!!
*I'm so thankful that I'm a mother of 3! My heart is full--I feel lucky and blessed and chipper just thinking about my lovely little ones:
* I'm also supremely thankful that I NEVER have to be pregnant ever again...until or unless I wanna be =)
*I'm thankful for my NY family and that I got to spend time with them and that we get to see my parents fairly often even though we don't live next door.
*And for our general good health, our homes, the fact that we have HEAT (when did it turn into winter!?) and the internet. =)
*I'm thankful for our family and friends--both near and far
*the ever-willing-to-babysit-and-just-generally-be-a-blessing granny of the west
*our van
*knee high socks with skirts
*digital SLR photography and photoshop
*people with red hair
*baby legs! baby kisses! baby everything!!
*my new house. Love love love it.
*my husband, our friendship and kindred hearts which just get closer as the years go by
*the fact that there is NOTHING i need on earth enough to have to go shopping on black friday--ick!-
*kenny and dolly's christmas album
*Jesus and the fact that God loved me enough to send Him to be born and that Jesus loved me enough to die for my sins.
*that we can celebrate christmas in remembrance of His birth
*I'm thankful for grace and the fact that He forgives me when I sin and fall short which is far, far too often.
*I'm just plain thankful.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Out Of *It*

I feel like such a space cadet today--I've had ear problems all week and last night it really turned in to an issue!
Ack! Ear pain!
I ended up going to the doctor's this morning instead of leaving for NY and Thanksgiving there. I can only hear out of one ear and have weird head pressure which is making me dizzy and yes...grumpy.
Ack! Ack! Ack!
Can't wait to hear again.
In other news...I got out with some good friends and was able to see
*New Moon*
Ezra came with me and squeaked and squawked in the quietest moments but was good and sleepy for most of it =) The movie was better than the first one and it was lovely to have an excuse to go out in the middle of the day with friends (the nachos didn't hurt either!)!
Good times.
So now, I've packed my van for the trip up North and am hoping for some miracle healing in the middle of the night so that we can actually go. I've done the drive through the Pocono mountains before with ear pain and it was not pleasant--you know...all the altitude changes?! Eh.
We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Interrupt This Blog To Bring You *A Shout Out*

Mr. Wonderful is my hero.
Seriously--in the last few months of my pregnancy and during these first weeks of Ezra's life he has become amazingly proficient at entertaining Maeve and Amelie! Every night he devises an outing followed by "games" at home to keep the girls busy.
It is really humbling and amazing to think that God decided to bless me with a husband who is such a devoted father.
I'm really thankful for you honey and all of your hard work!
You are such an encouragement to me!!
I Love You!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amelie Says

The other night I trudged up the stairs with E-boy around 9:30 and was surprised to see Amelie up and about her room. She was busily hanging up a plethora of Princess Dresses on her new Princess hangers from Granny. I told her that it was time to go to bed and she assured me she would lay down as soon as she hung up the last dress.

"Mom, don't you know what I need?" Amelie said.
"'m pretty sure that you don't *need* anything Amelie!"
"I do! I need Wonder Hangers!" she replied.
"What in the world is a wonder hanger?!?"
"Oh, you know---it's a hanger that you can put FIVE dresses on and then it folds down so that you have more room in your closet! That's what I need for my princess dresses!"

Oh the pit-falls of watching Nick Jr. with its commercials as opposed to PBS! Ha! She also wants a "touch brush" if you must know =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


* Amelie stayed at school today for the "stay and play" option--she was gone so long--it was a small taste of what having a kiddo in kindergarten next year will be like. I didn't love it. I missed her!! Seriously though, she's doing so well in school and is so independent--it's wonderful to see!
* Maeve is hilarious. I think she's going to be a comedienne someday. Must be that middle-child thing--she just likes making people happy =)
* Ezra is so wonderful--I love having a delicious little newborn--he's so noisy at night but I forgive him instantly upon looking at his cuteness. Love that kid!
* Speaking of Ezra, I got the statement from the insurance company today about how much we were billed for having him. It only annoys me b/c we didn't even find out we were going to be charged more than a regular co-pay until the week we moved (i.e. the most stressful week of my life). I am thankful we have insurance but I just wish it didn't change EVERY SINGLE YEAR and get worse and worse! We don't have thousands of dollars stored up for things like this! I'm just so thankful that E and I are healthy--it's a good thing too--b/c we'll still be paying off his birth when he's old enough to get his first job. HA! (exaggeration alert!)
* I love that I have girls and a boy.
* I also love that E's pieces have all healed up so that he can get baths now--how do newborns get stinky so fast? all they do is sleep! well...except for at night =)
* I'm looking forward to seeing New Moon next week hopefully before Thanksgiving with the girls!! Woot!
*And looking forward to celebrating Thanksmas (Thanksgiving/Christmas) next week with the family!
* All for now! I'm on my own tonight and tomorrow night as Mr. Wonderful's broadway show is happening this week! Wish me luck!
Pampers wipes = major slime-fest
that is all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Maeve Says

Upon waking from her nap Maeve says,
"Yum-yum, Cupcakes for dinner?"
She came up to me and said the same thing a few times and then led me out to the kitchen to the cupcakes.
She's a girl after my own heart!

Wordless (For Now) Wednesday

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

*Wonderful* Babies

Why The Doctor's Office Is *Funny*

I called our peds. office yesterday to make Ezra's 2 month appointment--which I had to leave a message for b/c well-visit calls aren't really the priority this time of year! Here's a recap of the phone-tag:

Me leaving a message after picking the option, "Schedule a well-visit appointment":
Hi! I'm calling b/c I need to schedule a well-visit for my son Ezra Wonderful. W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L* Born 11/1/09. My number is ***-***-****. Thanks!!

Angry Receptionist calling me back using her angry/annoyed voice:
Urgh, I am returning YOUR call to our office. You just called a few minutes ago. So I'm calling YOU back. Anyways, it sounds like you want to make a check up appointment for someone with the last name Wonderful, but I didn't understand the first name you said. I have no idea why you called. I can't figure out what you need or what kind of appointment you want to make. So call back whenever it's convenient for YOU. Goodbye!

Um...yeah, let me jump right back on the phone so I can talk to that peach of a lady! Yikes!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cutest Gymboree Mittens Ever

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!

The Good News: The Cord Stump From H*** Is GONE!!!
The Bad News: I have no idea where the thing is!! How did it just disappear?
Did it apparate in the middle of the night Harry Pottery style?
The kid wears six layers of clothes all day--how did it magically sneak it's way out of them?!
I know I'm going to find it at the worst possible moment and right now it's sitting somewhere it shouldn't and is
mocking me!!
Or something.
But at least it's off my baby =)

2 Weeks Ago Today

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mortifying Mother

Mortifying Mother is easy when you have a disgusting cord stump!
I dread each diaper change!
Fall off already evil, vile thing!!!! You are ugly and smelly and we just want you gone.
(Seriously, it's just cruel to dangle by a...well, by a *whatever* that is holding you in place in the first place.)
That is all.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cherishing The Past; Enjoying The Present; Looking Forward To The Future

The birth announcement I ordered for Baby Ezra came the other day
(Hello free $15 giveaway from Kodak Gallery! Woot!)
and while I had a few quiet moments I started filling them out for our close family.
As I was filling them out it really *hit* me that I don't have any grandparents to send my announcements too!
My great-grandparents and maternal grandfather passed when I was in elementary school, my paternal grandma passed when I was in high school, my paternal grandfather while I was in college and my Grandma Rose passed near Amelie's first birthday.
It is extraordinarily painful at times to think of those we've lost.
I am thankful for the time I was allowed with them but sad at the same time that they're gone. I so look forward to seeing my Christ-believing family members in Heaven again someday. I am thankful that we have been promised a future where we will all be whole, and together with our loved ones. It makes moments like these easier.
I am so thankful for the abundance of family and friends we are surrounded with and that God has blessed me with a peace and love-filled home.
I am cherishing the past, enjoying and embracing our sweet present and looking forward to the future we're promised.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shelly Received This Email Today And Seriously, If *This* Applied To Me--I Would Be Completely MENTAL!!! Thank God Ezra IS Here!!

Hi Mama-to-be,Congrats! You're 42 weeks pregnant!

This week your baby weighs 8, 9 (or more) pounds and is 21 inches long or more. A whole lotta baby!

it may feel like a cruel joke is being played on you, but you really will give birth soon. Most doctors won't allow women to go more than two weeks past their due dates, so the end really is in sight. And to that we say, thank goodness for modern medicine! Oh, and congrats!
what you're thinking
"I am going to be pregnant for the rest of my life, aren't I?"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ezra: A Primer (This is not a rant, even though it looks like one, it's an "impassioned plea")

So, as a parent of children without top 100 names, I get funny looks and comments upon introducing them from time to time.
I'm used to it.
It's fine--
I understand that not everyone has heard of the French form of Amelia or watched the extremely popular French Movie Amelie; or is familiar with Celtic mythology or Shakespeare's plays to have heard of a Maeve.
But seriously--I thought we hit the name-jack-pot with E-boy because to me, his name is wayyyy more popular than the girls'
(Amelie rank: 792
Maeve rank: 638
Ezra rank: 394)
and something that most everyone should have heard at least once in their life.
Apparently, I. was. wrong.
Ezra--the background:
God is my Help/Aid
(EZ rah)
Used in:
Ezra is a Biblical/Jewish name used in English and Hebrew speaking countries
Additional info:
*Ezra was a prophet of the Old Testament, a priest who returned to Judah from exile in Babylon.
* Is a book in the Old Testament of the Bible
* Is also the first name of the man who founded Cornell University
* Also--remember the 90s rock group, Better Than Ezra?
* And the name of a poet--Ezra Pound

1. Ezra has two syllables. It's not Ezzz-er--ahh or Eeh-zer-eee. Ez. Ra.
2. Ezra is not made up. It's in the Bible people. I realize being Protestant, studying the Bible and going to a Bible college give me the advantage in this situation but I've come across many people who surprise me by asking that question.
3. Ezra is a boy's name. Seriously--If I hear, "Oh I heard you named your daughter Ezra...." ONE MORE TIME!!! I really didn't see that one coming.

So, now you know and knowing is half the battle! =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lesser Known Definition of:

Rude Awakening = Bad Latch
That is all.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amelie Says

My excellent, loving and helpful husband has been entertaining the big girls-big time lately to give me lots of quiet, rest/down time. (Thanks honey! Seriously!)
They took a walk during my, *ahem*, third, nap of the day and walked by our town's laundromat.
Conversation as follows:
Amelie says, "Look Daddy! There's the laundry place we don't need to go to anymore."
Mr. Wonderful, "Yeah, we have a washer and dryer now! It's like we're rich!"
Amelie says, " No Daddy, you know who the richest people are in the world? Missionaries! Because they help people."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh. My. Word.

I totally found the Christmas dresses I want for the girls.
Holy. Cuteness!! Etsy!

Aunt Rosemary Says....

My Mom left to head back to NY this morning
so I called her to check on her travel status and she was sitting with my dear Aunt Rosemary.

So I talked with them both for a few minutes and Aunt Rosemary was asking about Baby E--I told her about his little day-night confusion issues and
she said,
"Oh, honey--that's only natural. He's a man. He'll spend the rest of his life in a state of confusion. It's best to get used to it now."

OH. My. I needed that laugh. Love you Aunt Rosemary!!
In other news:
Pirate Skull Baby Legs!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The 1st Appointment

****Baby E had his first baby check up today! He's doing well and already above birth weight (despite the fact that he went potty and probably lost a pound on the scale b/c the nurse was being wayyyy too slow--btw--obviously a nurse w/o children as she looked horrified =).
He's up to 7 pounds 12 ounces! Grow baby grow! ****
Or, even more importantly--SLEEP baby SLEEP--especially during the hours of 12-5 sometime soon.
(Seriously though, I'd even settle for any 3 consecutive hours between the hours of 9 and 7.)
****Moving on....I did something I've never done before in all my Mommy life.****
I opted not to get a vaccine.
I'm pro-vaccine in life but today after waiting for 40 minutes in the tiny patient room with a sweetly sleeping E, who has already had a pretty big week in being born, circumcised and learning how to eat, potty and deal with life on the outside, I just couldn't make him deal with a shot that treats a disease that people who share needles suffer from.
So, he'll have to deal with good ol' hep. b when he's 4 or something--Sorry E, you may remember that shot but I just couldn't do it today!
****In other news, THE VERY WORST PART about the day was the fact that:****
a) it was my first post-pregnancy outing
b) nothing fits
It. was. dreadfully discouraging.
All of my maternity clothes look ridiculous and stretched out and all of my regular clothes look like a 6 month pregnant lady is trying to make them work. Oh my word--it's horrible!!! I need something new s.t.a.t. or I'm going to opt out of going anywhere ever ever again.
That's it for now, I"m going to go console my fashion-less self with the most beautiful baby boy and remind myself that I'd do it a million times again just for one whiff of his baby forehead.

'Cause He Was Supposed To Be Here *In Time* For Halloween!

Shelly Is In *Love* With The Freakin' Front Porch!!!

All of the outdoor play without all of the outdoor work!
Plus I can watch them and HGTV from my sofa all at the same time.
Thank. You. Jesus.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby Boy Joy

* What a sweet little boy--I still can't believe I have a boy! So much waiting, so totally worth it.
* He had his first bath tonight--he's so easy going! (for now!) He took it like a man and fell right back asleep--precious angel!
* Ezra has his first baby check up tomorrow!
* He has totally won the heart of Amelie who is completely enamored with him. Maeve, on the other hand, thinks it's funny to poke his eyes. =)
*My cup runneth over. My heart is full.
Good night!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've been window(s) shopping for a few weeks now for holiday ensembles for the little ones.
(Anything to keep my mind off the fact that someone whose name shall not be mentioned was refusing to arrive!!!)
I've been sorely disappointed!
I saw on facebook (um, how much do I *heart* facebook?!) one of my friends had a similar quandry and found some cuteness at so I had to take a peek!
And I saw this:
Oh. Man.
Love it! But at those prices I could only afford *one* outfit that all three children would have to take turns wearing--HA!
I still have to check out Target--and I'm thinking Etsy?
But, isn't it weird that all the majors (Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree and TCP) have limited pickings this year!?

Cause Nothin's *Better Than Ezra*

My little E-boy had a rockin' first night!
I had anticipated the worst because he had been sleeping allllll day and I *know* that newborns sleep alllll days but literally--I think I saw his eyeballs once yesterday!
We settled in at 8 and he only woke up twice! Of course, I woke up more than that and woke him up once (*cough* or twice *cough*) just to hug him. =)
I'm still not ready to talk about his grand arrival.
It was uber traumatic.
Seriously, I may never recover.
But, he was, totally, completely, wonderfully worth it.

Love you sweet, delightful, delicious E-boy!!

Amelie Says,

"Call me Angel-heart. That is my new name."
We dug a little deeper and found out that her Pre-K class is learning about Native Americans and they all came up with their own Indian Names which they are going by this week =) Tee hee! Gotta love 4yos!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


has a little boy! tee hee!
(and needs to work on her smushy baby face pictures so that both of our faces appear a bit better =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ezra Steven Wonderful!

Ezra is finally here!
He made me wait 40 weeks and 3 days but once I waited that long he was VERY anxious to make his arrival!
After a grand total of 45 minutes at the hospital he made a hasty and horrible and uncomfortable and intense drug-free entrance! Ack!
I love him, he's gorgeous!
7 pounds 10 ounces
11:03 pm (the day before he was to be induced)
20 inches
And breastfeeding like a champ if you must know =)
Yay for Ezra! So stinkin' glad he's here!