Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Fair Ladies

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Amber said...

So sweet of you to comment on my blog :) I feel like I know your family from reading your blog. It's a LONG story...

One of Gwyneth's nurses from the NICU at Duke went to our church in Greensboro. She sent us the link to pray for Tricia and Gwyneth when she was born and I started reading daily. I soon after clicked on Megan's link and have been reading her blog, and yours for a long time. My dad is a Marine so we grew up everywhere, but all my family is in Allentown, PA. We too are die hard Phillies fans :) My best friend and her sister went to Cedarville and thru blog hopping you guys know some of the same people. This bloggy world is just a big old crazy melting pot!

It will be neat if we all recognize each other when we get to heaven one day. Do you think maybe God will have the bloggers we follow live in our 'neighborhoods' in heaven? :)

Your kids are precious! Thanks for sharing them. Congrats on the little man! I wish you lots of sleep and sanity :)

Amber :)