Friday, November 6, 2009

The 1st Appointment

****Baby E had his first baby check up today! He's doing well and already above birth weight (despite the fact that he went potty and probably lost a pound on the scale b/c the nurse was being wayyyy too slow--btw--obviously a nurse w/o children as she looked horrified =).
He's up to 7 pounds 12 ounces! Grow baby grow! ****
Or, even more importantly--SLEEP baby SLEEP--especially during the hours of 12-5 sometime soon.
(Seriously though, I'd even settle for any 3 consecutive hours between the hours of 9 and 7.)
****Moving on....I did something I've never done before in all my Mommy life.****
I opted not to get a vaccine.
I'm pro-vaccine in life but today after waiting for 40 minutes in the tiny patient room with a sweetly sleeping E, who has already had a pretty big week in being born, circumcised and learning how to eat, potty and deal with life on the outside, I just couldn't make him deal with a shot that treats a disease that people who share needles suffer from.
So, he'll have to deal with good ol' hep. b when he's 4 or something--Sorry E, you may remember that shot but I just couldn't do it today!
****In other news, THE VERY WORST PART about the day was the fact that:****
a) it was my first post-pregnancy outing
b) nothing fits
It. was. dreadfully discouraging.
All of my maternity clothes look ridiculous and stretched out and all of my regular clothes look like a 6 month pregnant lady is trying to make them work. Oh my word--it's horrible!!! I need something new s.t.a.t. or I'm going to opt out of going anywhere ever ever again.
That's it for now, I"m going to go console my fashion-less self with the most beautiful baby boy and remind myself that I'd do it a million times again just for one whiff of his baby forehead.


JerseyGranny said...

By Christmas, you will be back to svelte!

Pamela said...

Please email me your new address, and the distance from your hips to your knees *or* your inseam.

Because I am stuck in my house for the forseeable future, and I need something fun to do.


Risha said...

Yay, Ezra! So glad he's doing well.
I opted out of the hep B vax for Ava as well. I got it for Isabelle, thinking that it was a different version of hepatitis (hep A, in fact). I refused it for the same reasons you did. Why does my baby need a vaccine for a disease that is transmitted by sharing needles or sexual contact? In reading about it, I found out that it was put in the childhood vaccination schedule to reduce its occurrence later in life. So, we'll revisit this vaccination much later down the road when it makes a little more sense!
Good for you, Mama! So glad that you're both doing well, and I hear ya on the no clothes issue. I seemed to take much longer to get back into my clothes the second time around.

Megan and Company said...

1. We're doing Heps at preteens. They're not are are not required for school.

2. Bella bands! They are my number one post-partum friend.

Devin said...


Ever heard of the Bella Band? Target has a generic one that I bought at about the 3 month mark this time around, and OH, how I wish I had it 3 pregnancies ago! I hear it is wonderful for POST pregnancy too, as it will make your maternity-too-huge-pants much more snug and fitting around your waist, or you can use your regular non-maternity pants and just keep them unbuttoned/unzipped. It's kind of like a giant tube top :) but it really does the job, and it just looks like a cami underneath your shirts. I am 29 weeks and still able to wear ALL my regular jeans/dress pants, unbuttoned and unzipped, with the bella band around my waist to keep them up. I couldn't give this thing higher marks. I am sure you could try it on, too--I never did, just bought it on site, but it's Target, so I'm sure you could. It was so worth the $18 I paid! Hope that is a bit helpful...don't worry, you'll be back in the good stuff in no time!