Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mortifying Mother

Mortifying Mother is easy when you have a disgusting cord stump!
I dread each diaper change!
Fall off already evil, vile thing!!!! You are ugly and smelly and we just want you gone.
(Seriously, it's just cruel to dangle by a...well, by a *whatever* that is holding you in place in the first place.)
That is all.


Amy said...

I hear ya Shelly,

Ethan's fell of mid last week. the thing is so gross to even have to look at. thankfully his never smelled or anything but it was still gross, now Matthew will change diapers since it came off!!!

Melody said...

I know....I always hate those things! My first two kids, didn't fall off for 2-3 weeks!

Simon's has already fallen off...he was 2 days old!!! My midwife says she's NEVER had that happen before . At first I was worried that it wouldn't heal properly, but it closed up very quickly and looks great. BUt seriously...2 DAYS, how crazy is that!?

Devin said...


I always hated that part too! That, and the circ...but this time, I won't have to deal with that! (yay!)

Julie said...

Yeah, what's with that, anyway? Those things are yucky. Hope Ezra's falls off soon.

Hilary said...

Oh, I hear ya! I just had a baby girl 5 weeks ago. Now that they tell you not to use rubbing alcohol on it, it stinks to the high heavens! Luckily Raven's umbilical cord stump fell off when she was 6 days old.
Congrats on your baby boy!!! I love the name Ezra and I TOTALLY understand it :)
By the way, I used to read your blog back in the day but somehow got a way from it and haven't been back until just a few weeks ago...when you were at the bitter end of your pregnancy.
I am MckMama's sister and I think you used to read my blog, too? I don't know...but my blog is now private. If you want an invite to see who I am, I can send you one. If not, that's okay, too!
Just wanted to chime in :)
Again, congrats on your boy!!!