Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cherishing The Past; Enjoying The Present; Looking Forward To The Future

The birth announcement I ordered for Baby Ezra came the other day
(Hello free $15 giveaway from Kodak Gallery! Woot!)
and while I had a few quiet moments I started filling them out for our close family.
As I was filling them out it really *hit* me that I don't have any grandparents to send my announcements too!
My great-grandparents and maternal grandfather passed when I was in elementary school, my paternal grandma passed when I was in high school, my paternal grandfather while I was in college and my Grandma Rose passed near Amelie's first birthday.
It is extraordinarily painful at times to think of those we've lost.
I am thankful for the time I was allowed with them but sad at the same time that they're gone. I so look forward to seeing my Christ-believing family members in Heaven again someday. I am thankful that we have been promised a future where we will all be whole, and together with our loved ones. It makes moments like these easier.
I am so thankful for the abundance of family and friends we are surrounded with and that God has blessed me with a peace and love-filled home.
I am cherishing the past, enjoying and embracing our sweet present and looking forward to the future we're promised.


Madre said...

well said, my dear daughter

Devin said...

Well, well put Shelly. Thanks for the encouragement today.