Sunday, November 8, 2009

Amelie Says

My excellent, loving and helpful husband has been entertaining the big girls-big time lately to give me lots of quiet, rest/down time. (Thanks honey! Seriously!)
They took a walk during my, *ahem*, third, nap of the day and walked by our town's laundromat.
Conversation as follows:
Amelie says, "Look Daddy! There's the laundry place we don't need to go to anymore."
Mr. Wonderful, "Yeah, we have a washer and dryer now! It's like we're rich!"
Amelie says, " No Daddy, you know who the richest people are in the world? Missionaries! Because they help people."


Julie said...

I think the richest people in the world are parents. Because we get to hear our children share lots of wisdom. :)

P.S. YAY Mr. Wonderful for being so, well, WONDERFUL!

Jessica said...