Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why The Doctor's Office Is *Funny*

I called our peds. office yesterday to make Ezra's 2 month appointment--which I had to leave a message for b/c well-visit calls aren't really the priority this time of year! Here's a recap of the phone-tag:

Me leaving a message after picking the option, "Schedule a well-visit appointment":
Hi! I'm calling b/c I need to schedule a well-visit for my son Ezra Wonderful. W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L* Born 11/1/09. My number is ***-***-****. Thanks!!

Angry Receptionist calling me back using her angry/annoyed voice:
Urgh, I am returning YOUR call to our office. You just called a few minutes ago. So I'm calling YOU back. Anyways, it sounds like you want to make a check up appointment for someone with the last name Wonderful, but I didn't understand the first name you said. I have no idea why you called. I can't figure out what you need or what kind of appointment you want to make. So call back whenever it's convenient for YOU. Goodbye!

Um...yeah, let me jump right back on the phone so I can talk to that peach of a lady! Yikes!!!

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