Monday, January 31, 2011

Do The Paint Streaks In My Hair Look Like Highlights? =)

I'm such a boring blogger lately!
It's still winter.
Here is a simple equation to explain my true feelings on the subject:
Winter + Snow x Super Cold = Stupid
So, now you know how I really feel about it!
You're welcome!
The little kids and I stayed home in our pjs and played games and made cupcakes and generally hibernated to avoid going outside.
I spent allllll of naptime painting the trim upstairs and I'm almost done! 
One more night of painting trim and I can move onto painting the hallway walls! =)
And that's pretty much it.
Boring! =)
Good night!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm always so sorry to see the weekend go!
We had a great couple of days--we even got to go on a date thanks to Granny and Pop of the East!! 
Yay for dates!
The kids love spending time with their grandparents--we are so lucky to have some of our family close!
We also took a quick trip to Ikea yesterday to pick up some odds and ends for my craft space upstairs! It's very exciting but coming together slowlyyyyy. 
Today we had church and this afternoon we got to celebrate our soon to be 2, cousin Ryleigh! 
She's the cutest almost 2 year old in the land!
I guess that's it!
Nothing too exciting to report but sometimes it's better that way! =)
And, to fix the boring-ness of the post--a cute picture of Ezra-boy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy Surprises and Projects

Today we had a pleasant surprise--Mr. Wonderful and Amelie had an early dismissal today because of the snow storm and were able to get home early! I love having my little family home! I also love having another adult around so I can close the door and take a nap in my bed! =)
I worked on a bunch of projects today--first I got toys down from the attic and up from the basement and tempted Maeve and Ezra with a bunch of new things to play with! 
Then I got down to business and completely rearranged and sorted my kitchen pantry/stockpile area! 
I love rearranging my free things--so. much. happy! =)
In other news, does anybody out there like AirWick air fresheners? I have at least 20 in my closet and I have no idea what to do with them!! Do you think someone would buy them at a yard sale?!
My other big project was to work on the 3rd floor/attic space with Amelie! We had moved her bed up because she wanted her own room and then she changed her mind and started sleeping in her sister's room so *I* decided that I ought to make myself a craft area! So yay me! That's what we're doing!
Here's the before:
I'll be working on the after for a while! =) 
I need to make a trip to Ikea for some odds and ends and I also need to save up enough Swagbucks to get a craft desk off of Amazon! =)
That's it for now! Going to put my feet up and watch some tv with my favorite husband! =)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oooo La La It's Tuesday!

Yesterday I was hibernating.
All Day.
It was like *0* here.
Today it's a balmy 30 and I like it!!
(It's sad and weird when 30 feels warm!!)
I made the most delicious pork loin.
Seriously. Amazing.
All I did was smash a few clovers of garlic until they were completely smushed and sprinkled some salt and pepper. 
Easy, breezy, awesome.
Blogger is telling me that "smushed" isn't a word. 
It is to me anyways!!
Well, nothing else is new, nothing borrowed, nothing blue.
Just me and the littles today--
they are the funniest little people!
So easy and hilarious--what a lucky girl am I!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Pinkest Party You've Ever Seen!

 Amelie was lucky enough to have been invited to an awesome birthday part at Sweet and Sassy!
All of her little Kindergarten class was there and she had a wonderful time!
Even the sweet little boy who is the *only* boy in her class* braved the day and dressed up in guy fashion! =)
There were makeovers, dress up, dancing, and food!
 It was a nice way to spend a morning!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011


So glad it's Friday.
So sad my husband is out doing musical stuff at a lovely, swanky affair and I'm home in my sweat pants and ponytail riding herd.
(Cute herd, but herd nonetheless)
In other news, here's a picture of Maeve looking angelic:

Also, isn't it funny when you start learning about being content in your devotions that a crap load of things happen that stir up discontent?
And by funny I mean NOT!
So, that is *that*. 
Or this is *me*. 
Goodnight and hoping for a pleasant tomorrow!
Or at the very least, a pleasant me to face it!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eh. Thursday.

It's been such a stressful and emotional week.
My husband is also very busy this week and there have been some very long days but thankfully--only one more long day and then things will be back to normal for a while!
I'm trying to *not* be discouraged and am so thankful for one very encouraging friend!
Support and encouragement are priceless!!
And all of the rest of the time, I have these crazy guys to thank for laughter and fun and even the occasional bit of drama! =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday Morning Sisters

Anyone who knows me IRL knows I have a small problem...
it's called
"Dress Your Children Alike Syndrome"
I just can't help it!
Coordination makes my heart sing!
I wonder how much longer I'll be able to get away with it? =)
P.S. I love when I give them these hats to wear that they pull them down and give themselves mushroom heads instead of wearing them like actual berets! =) Ha!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eye Candy

I'm not a huge fan of award shows--they are almost always full of awkward moments and weird host/presenter combinations, but I am a fan of award show fashion! I think it's fun to see all of the beautiful and not-so-beautiful dresses. These are all from the Golden Gloves. 
Maternity Don't:
 This dress is so beautiful aside from the great big giant rose of weirdness. It reminds me of the Bachelor which is one big giant *Ick*. 
Maternity Do:
I think she looks beautiful in this dress! Proof that a funny lady can dress beautifully!
And for proof that some funny ladies have a hard time dressing beautifully:
I think Tina Fey is lovely and hilarious but what's the deal with the arm wings? I wonder if she has a stylist because she's always coming down the red carpet in the weirdest ensembles. 
And then there's J Lo. 
 Absolutely stunning woman with an absolutely weird shawl/arm/shoulder covery thing.
I thought Eva Longoria looked beautiful!
 *13* wore my favorite look from the night--I'm a sucker for sparkles!
 I think Lea Michele looks like a bubblegum princess!
 Emma Stone's dress is so casual but fit her so well and is a very pretty color--even though it all kind of blends together with her skin and her hair.
 Oy. This dress reminds me of one that I had when I was 12 in the 90s. It's the daisies. And the fact that it doesn't fit and it's wrinkled and full of weirdness. But isn't her hair cute?
 There were a ton of pretty greens on the carpet. This was my favorite! Catherine Zeta Jones rarely misses!
 Sometimes life isn't fair. See below for proof:
 Sofia is sooo lovely. This dress is a little vampy but she can't help but be beautiful in it!
And then something weird happens--where one of the most successful models in the world looks like she rolled out of bed and wore her sheets and last night's makeup to the big event!
Ack Heidi!!
 Sandra Bullock's dress was beautiful but didn't match her rather severe bangs. 
I see this and think sheepdog. 
It's a cool hair do but not pretty enough to go with such a glamorous and feminine gown.
And, that's my two cents. 
But really, what do I know? 
Ever since baby number 3 I've been wearing sweat pants in public. Regularly. And not caring. I'm hopeless =)

Monday, January 17, 2011

 We've had a stressful day--with unfortunate, unforeseen and all together annoying event. 
Actually, I amend that to:
So, instead of think on it, I'm posting these pictures from our latest snowy day of my sweet girls!
How they love playing in the snow!
And, how I love watching them!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weekend Lament

Why oh why do the weekends speed by sooo quickly!!!
It was a good weekend though.=)
1. I got a haircut!!! Haircuts are so super awesome when you're a Mom and never get out and then your fine hair gets the splits and it's depressing like woah.....And then Super Gina cuts them off and I feel human-like again!
New Hair!!!
2. While I was out gettin' my hair did, I also was able to do a little gift card shopping BY MYSELF!!! Which is also awesome because *shopping by myself* is a super infrequent treat! 
I spent the rest of my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card on some much needed accoutrement(s?), picked up a few pieces of awesomeness from Old Navy's 80% off clearance sale for Ezra next year, and went on a whim to Target to see if a much loved and yearned after super-clearanced shower curtain was still there. It was. Woot! 
3. Saturday night the Grandparents came over and watched the kiddos so that Mr. Wonderful and I could go on a date! Super exciting!!
4. We went to Cheesecake Factory, which I heart so much! There was an hour and a half wait but since we knew a server we got in within 5 minutes!!! Probably not extremely ethical but it's been sooooo long since we did anything fun I was happy to break the rules this time. =)
5. Sundays with church always go so fast! 
6. We also did our taxes. Not fun, but always profitable when you're po' folk! =)
7. None of the babes took naps today so we are chucking them gently in bed in a few minutes! Poor little lambs are all a little crazy and cry-y because of the tiredness! 
8. Almost forgot my favorite part of the day!! I spent .17 cents at Rite Aid for $50 worth of stuff. Totally awesome. Shopping with coupons is such a game changer. I will never be able to comprehend why someone wouldn't want to do it! I mean, before I used coupons I thought they were a stupid waste of time--now I know that isn't the whole story! 
9. Happy Sunday night!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creepy And Cute All At The Same Time

The girls each have a "life size" Princess doll and they love to play with them.
This morning they were performing dance routines with them! Ha!
Sometimes they leave them in a room and I'm temporarily fooled into thinking it's a child when it's actually a doll.
So, even though they're creepy, we put up with them because the girls loooove them. =)