Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shelly's New Year Snippets

I've been a hasty blogger lately. I really enjoy writing down the things we do and documenting our life but things have been sooo busy for the last month or so that I've felt behind most of the time! I'm so glad that we've had this last week to catch up (for the most part) and spend so much time together as a family! Over the last week or so we've:
*celebrated Christmas with my husband's parents
*had a big snow storm that kept us cozy and home for a couple of days
*sent the girls to see Tangled with Granny and Pop
*celebrated Amelie's birthday with a friend party on Wednesday and a family party on Friday
*had a visit from my parents!
*got caught up on some cleaning/organizing/shopping
*had a lovely visit from my favorite Amish family (no, not really Amish--they're just from Lancaster =) and got to squish their sweet baby boy. 
Ah! nothing quite makes the heard skip a beat like a beautiful newbornish baby and their smell and their cheeks and their everything! he is all kinds of wonderful! 
Amelie and Judah (don't be fooled by Judah's sad face =)
 Josh and Mr. Wonderful playing Kinect =)
 Maeve and Amelie playing while my favorite redhead, Asher and Cosmo chill =)
*aside from all of the partying I also got to watch lots of netflix movies including:

I wasn't sure I was going to like this movie because i'm more of an *epic romance* kind of girl but it's soooo well done! The acting and cast are absolutely amazing and at times so funny and others so touching. I really love the scope of this production!

The reason I requested this movie can be summed up in two words:
Matthew Macfadyen.

A.K.A. *Mr. Darcy* from the newer version of Pride and Prejudice. This movie was looooonggggg and hard to get through but his shining moments of great acting helped me get through it! =)
This movie was sooo weird and sooo Baz Lurhman (mind behind Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, Simply Ballroom). It was also long.
Soooo long.
*3* hours.
But it was saved by its amazing cinematography! 
And Nicole Kidman's blue eyes.
My husband bought me this movie a while back and I never got around to watching it. 
The other day I pulled it out because I was eager to see a movie with Rosamund Pike (she's so beautiful!) and Carey Mulligan (both ladies from Pride and Prejudice).
Well, this movie was pretty good but it's also super creep.y. 
It centers around a 16 year old girl who gets swept off her feet by a man in his late 30s who shows her the world!
Only the creepster is know, which she doesn't find out until after she is thoroughly seduced and engaged to him AND has dropped out of school. *shiver* 
* I also pulled out Pride and Prejudice and Emma to watch again--I can't watch them enough! LOVE!
* That's all I can think of for now!
Happy Sunday! I'm off to enjoy the fleeting time we have left before I send two of my loves back to work and school!

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