Wednesday, January 5, 2011


of them 
to be exact.


this is the one note symphony that plays in my head
even though i *know* there isn't a rush
per say
on either of these things
i feel 
*the pressure* 
to attend to them
and am at a loss as to how
and don't really *want* to do either


in other news
winter is dumb
i dislike being cold
and going places
and driving to things
and the coats and the carseats and the buckles 
((and the slippery sidewalk balancing act ))
and wish the world would come to me
and world, if you do come, i promise to make you coffee or hot chocolate 
and to feed you snacks
so that you stay awhile 
and so that i
don't have to go
so please!!!

that's all really
aside from the nagging feeling that i am lonely and also never alone all at the same time
motherhood is weird like that
and so am i,
i suppose!



Pamela said...

I am convinced, really and truly, that children will use the potty when they do so desire. And if your strong-willed Miss Maeve is anything like our Miss O, you won't win that battle no matter how much chocolate you promise.

And also? I'm convinced that babies will wean when they're ready. And if you're not really ready, he's not either.

So cuddle up on your sofa with the nursey babe and the soft-bottomed girl and drink some cocoa.

Megan and Company said...

I'm nursing Sarah until she can drive because she is my last shot. ;)

Leah: WORD. I think the Potty Princess may come one night and take her diapers, leaving fun underwear and treats. But, then I'm afraid she'll be terrified to go to bed and refuse to use the potty anyway. Then what?

Devin said...

Shelly, I get you with both. And, I am also a firm rider of the 'they'll-do-it-when-they-want-to" train.

I am really kind of tired of nursing...after all, Lola will be one at the end of this month. I wanted to nurse her until she was one and we have made it!

But, every time I think of weaning her I get a weird funky feeling and know I will miss the closeness.

I'm guessing that means I am not ready we will wait until we both are. And it will be okay. :)

Emily said...

We should start a support group! I also need to potty train my 3 year old and wean my 1 year old. Meh.