Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weekend Lament

Why oh why do the weekends speed by sooo quickly!!!
It was a good weekend though.=)
1. I got a haircut!!! Haircuts are so super awesome when you're a Mom and never get out and then your fine hair gets the splits and it's depressing like woah.....And then Super Gina cuts them off and I feel human-like again!
New Hair!!!
2. While I was out gettin' my hair did, I also was able to do a little gift card shopping BY MYSELF!!! Which is also awesome because *shopping by myself* is a super infrequent treat! 
I spent the rest of my Bed, Bath and Beyond gift card on some much needed accoutrement(s?), picked up a few pieces of awesomeness from Old Navy's 80% off clearance sale for Ezra next year, and went on a whim to Target to see if a much loved and yearned after super-clearanced shower curtain was still there. It was. Woot! 
3. Saturday night the Grandparents came over and watched the kiddos so that Mr. Wonderful and I could go on a date! Super exciting!!
4. We went to Cheesecake Factory, which I heart so much! There was an hour and a half wait but since we knew a server we got in within 5 minutes!!! Probably not extremely ethical but it's been sooooo long since we did anything fun I was happy to break the rules this time. =)
5. Sundays with church always go so fast! 
6. We also did our taxes. Not fun, but always profitable when you're po' folk! =)
7. None of the babes took naps today so we are chucking them gently in bed in a few minutes! Poor little lambs are all a little crazy and cry-y because of the tiredness! 
8. Almost forgot my favorite part of the day!! I spent .17 cents at Rite Aid for $50 worth of stuff. Totally awesome. Shopping with coupons is such a game changer. I will never be able to comprehend why someone wouldn't want to do it! I mean, before I used coupons I thought they were a stupid waste of time--now I know that isn't the whole story! 
9. Happy Sunday night!

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