Monday, January 3, 2011

Ode To An E-Boy

There once was a boy named *E*
Lovely, happy and so full of *glee*
He spends his days smiling and laughing
Eating and dancing and playing and napping
but nighttime comes and it's another story
'Cause this little guy thinks sleeping through the night is soooo boring!

That's right--he still doesn't sleep through the night.
At 14 months.
But I felt better when, the other day, I stuck a finger on his gums and found 4 randomly placed teeth poking through!
Poor guy! 
They are all over his mouth, topsy turvy, top and bottom asymmetrically placed little poky teeth!
Maybe someday he'll sleep through the night....
maybe I better count my lucky stars that he's only getting up once and it isn't until 5...which is *close* to sleeping through the night...



Breezy said...

Oh, friend, we're in the same boat here!! Except PJ still only has two teeth, and for the past few nights he's been getting up party for at least two hours at a time!! Thank goodness he's so cute and sweet and funny!!

Melody said...

Well, I'd call that sleeping through the night...cause that's where I am too : - ) Simon goes down about 6:15 and wakes up between 4:00-5:00, and has a snack and then goes down for a few more hours. While I'd love him to sleep straight through until 8:00, I think asking him to sleep for 14 hours straight, might be a little much...HA!

Madre said...

May I just say that E'boy is looking VERY grown up in these pictures! He is 2 cute!