Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eye Candy

I'm not a huge fan of award shows--they are almost always full of awkward moments and weird host/presenter combinations, but I am a fan of award show fashion! I think it's fun to see all of the beautiful and not-so-beautiful dresses. These are all from the Golden Gloves. 
Maternity Don't:
 This dress is so beautiful aside from the great big giant rose of weirdness. It reminds me of the Bachelor which is one big giant *Ick*. 
Maternity Do:
I think she looks beautiful in this dress! Proof that a funny lady can dress beautifully!
And for proof that some funny ladies have a hard time dressing beautifully:
I think Tina Fey is lovely and hilarious but what's the deal with the arm wings? I wonder if she has a stylist because she's always coming down the red carpet in the weirdest ensembles. 
And then there's J Lo. 
 Absolutely stunning woman with an absolutely weird shawl/arm/shoulder covery thing.
I thought Eva Longoria looked beautiful!
 *13* wore my favorite look from the night--I'm a sucker for sparkles!
 I think Lea Michele looks like a bubblegum princess!
 Emma Stone's dress is so casual but fit her so well and is a very pretty color--even though it all kind of blends together with her skin and her hair.
 Oy. This dress reminds me of one that I had when I was 12 in the 90s. It's the daisies. And the fact that it doesn't fit and it's wrinkled and full of weirdness. But isn't her hair cute?
 There were a ton of pretty greens on the carpet. This was my favorite! Catherine Zeta Jones rarely misses!
 Sometimes life isn't fair. See below for proof:
 Sofia is sooo lovely. This dress is a little vampy but she can't help but be beautiful in it!
And then something weird happens--where one of the most successful models in the world looks like she rolled out of bed and wore her sheets and last night's makeup to the big event!
Ack Heidi!!
 Sandra Bullock's dress was beautiful but didn't match her rather severe bangs. 
I see this and think sheepdog. 
It's a cool hair do but not pretty enough to go with such a glamorous and feminine gown.
And, that's my two cents. 
But really, what do I know? 
Ever since baby number 3 I've been wearing sweat pants in public. Regularly. And not caring. I'm hopeless =)


Pamela said...

I love green, too.
And why do they all look so bored?
Oh wait... award show.
Got it.

Jessica said...

My friend and I literally had an all day email going back and forth about all of the different looks...good AND bad. I must say...you and I agree on everything...obvi :)

Madre said...

Enjoyed your review....and your sweat pants story reminds me of the fact that you have always been a girl who votes for comfort in your attire! ;o)