Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm always so sorry to see the weekend go!
We had a great couple of days--we even got to go on a date thanks to Granny and Pop of the East!! 
Yay for dates!
The kids love spending time with their grandparents--we are so lucky to have some of our family close!
We also took a quick trip to Ikea yesterday to pick up some odds and ends for my craft space upstairs! It's very exciting but coming together slowlyyyyy. 
Today we had church and this afternoon we got to celebrate our soon to be 2, cousin Ryleigh! 
She's the cutest almost 2 year old in the land!
I guess that's it!
Nothing too exciting to report but sometimes it's better that way! =)
And, to fix the boring-ness of the post--a cute picture of Ezra-boy!

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Madre said...

I am telling you...I sure wish you could do something to help that boy look happy!
Ha ha! He is SO delightful! love you all!