Friday, January 21, 2011


So glad it's Friday.
So sad my husband is out doing musical stuff at a lovely, swanky affair and I'm home in my sweat pants and ponytail riding herd.
(Cute herd, but herd nonetheless)
In other news, here's a picture of Maeve looking angelic:

Also, isn't it funny when you start learning about being content in your devotions that a crap load of things happen that stir up discontent?
And by funny I mean NOT!
So, that is *that*. 
Or this is *me*. 
Goodnight and hoping for a pleasant tomorrow!
Or at the very least, a pleasant me to face it!


Sarah - Roots and Wings said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry you're having a craptastic week!! I will pray that next week is much better! LOVE the link! I just saw those for the first time on a commercial this afternoon and was cracking up! I'm sure my rear end would look *stunning* in something so fabulously tight! ha!

Teresa said...

Pajama jeans! Oh my goodness! What will they think of next?! But I must admit, tempting.