Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Can't Get No Satisfaction {On My *Own*}

When I was younger and dreamy and pining away for life and experiences in my little country home I would think....
"I'd be so happy.... "
*if I had a sister
*and a best friend
*who lived next door to me
*well, what if I went to the right college, lived in the right dorm, made the right friends (cool ones, obviously), dyed my hair the right color of red, picked the right major
*found a boyfriend (a cute, talented one, obvi)
*lived in the same state as my boyfriend!
*was engaged
*if only I lived in the same state as my parents, and family, and everything I knew--then I would be happy!!
*at least I can decorate my apartment just right
*get an awesome job
*make a respectable amount of $$
*buy the *right* clothes* 
*if only I went to a church that met my "needs"
*maybe I should have children
*a daughter first, so she could be my best friend
*another girl of course, so that they could be *sisters*
*and then maybe a third
*owned a home
*finished all the projects I needed to make it *pretty*
*surely I'd be happy if I owned the *right* car (cough*van*cough)
*if only I had new counter tops...
*if only the electrician would come!

.......You get the idea, right? 

All of these things I so desperately wanted at one time...and as each *wish* of my heart was fulfilled there was always 
something to add to the bottom of the list....

"I have that now....but I could really use *this* next!!"

It's shameful to state how empty I always felt (and DO feel, at times) even when my cup is so very obviously overflowing!!

Soul-quenching satisfaction does NOT come from things, people, places, great haircuts & pretty shoes or the perfect bowl of homemade mocha chocolate chocolate chip ice cream.
Soul quenching satisfaction comes from a life that pushes out the need
the want
the yearning
and replaces that need/want/yearning with a real, personal, quality relationship with God. 
This flies in the face of everything we see, watch, read about in the world every single day.
You may not believe me!
But I dare you...to buy 100 Hermes scarfs, a 3,000 square ft beach front home, to have 15 kids, 27 nannies, $1,000,000 in the bank and to feel satisfied. 
It's not possible.
The love of things fades and is replaced by new wants and desires but the one
the ONE that never changes, never wavers is the only possibility 
for peace
for joy
for rest
for quiet satisfaction.
Oh, and I'm not anywhere near there yet...but I've started the journey to get there! 
It's the whole reason *He* came---so that we may have abundant life.
And I am so thankful that He did!
John 10:10 (New Living Translation)
10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.


Katie said...

LOVE this post, Michelle! Definitely something I've struggled with too... Phil 4:11-13 are verses I need to constantly remind myself of!

Jessica said...

Um...this is kind of freaky...and I totally love it!! I just read your comment on my post...I LOVE knowing that I am not the only one learning all of this. You are just amazing...and this is yet another reason that I think if we lived closer we would definitely have frequent coffee dates!!

Madre said...

BEAUTIFULLY said, dear daughter. This morning I began my day with James 1:23-24 and Luke 8:4-18.
God's Word should define me and my behavior, conforming me to the heart of God. HIS Word should be unhindered in my life by testing,worries,riches and pleasures. God will not fail nor forsake us!
I will love you forever - madre xoxo