Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oooo La La It's Tuesday!

Yesterday I was hibernating.
All Day.
It was like *0* here.
Today it's a balmy 30 and I like it!!
(It's sad and weird when 30 feels warm!!)
I made the most delicious pork loin.
Seriously. Amazing.
All I did was smash a few clovers of garlic until they were completely smushed and sprinkled some salt and pepper. 
Easy, breezy, awesome.
Blogger is telling me that "smushed" isn't a word. 
It is to me anyways!!
Well, nothing else is new, nothing borrowed, nothing blue.
Just me and the littles today--
they are the funniest little people!
So easy and hilarious--what a lucky girl am I!


Mama Bender said...

your pork loin sounds delicious. My husband does our steaks with cilantro and garlic mixture that he chops up in the food processor.

Madre said...

Oh your "littles" are so beautiful~ makes me want to jump in my car right NOW! Enjoy, enjoy enjoy their sweetness and give them all a kiss from their northern grannie & pop!

JerseyGranny said...

Ooooo, that pork loin smelled so stinkin' good!!!